Backing Service

Crystal Clear Betting is giving you the opportunity to take your back betting to a whole new level.


By following this fantastic service you will have confidence in every bet you place!

Week by week you will notice the difference in your betting because you won’t be constantly topping up your betting account. You will be betting side by side with us and we can answer your bet related questions through our email support, guiding you every step of the way.


We don’t listen to the TV experts, paper tipsters, trainers, owners or jockeys.


We use our very own statistics and data base then share our selections with you. Our strike rate in the Win market is over 60% and in the Place market we are hitting over 85%! Use our intellectual property to your advantage to give you the edge that will make your betting pay.



Get your betting bank in place and join the backing service today.


At Crystal Clear Betting we use the exchanges to bet in the Win and Place markets. The odds on the exchanges are a true reflection on what price the horse should be and we play to the exchange Starting Price. This way we get a constant price and always get our bets on (you know bookmakers just love to restrict accounts!).

We have researched all markets and our Win and Place selections throw up a very consistent return.


Having both edge and value are two very important factors in becoming a successful exchange player.


If you want to win regularly this is the service for you.


You will be performing on the exchanges from the very first day you sign up and we think it will change your betting style for good. The only thing you need to do is adopt the correct mindset and have some discipline and patience.

Our knowledge and expertise is so advantageous – we know what races and tracks to play at and with the exchanges it remains fair, even with non-runners.

For example if we put a Place bet out in the morning and there’s a non-runner, we still get paid on the places we originally started with. The exchanges don’t suddenly tell you the race is down to seven runners so now there are only two places.

We get constant returns by using these simple advantages and this is all drawn from our years of experience and research.


We back to level stakes in the Win and Place Markets


Using the exchange Starting Price in the Win and Place markets keeps everyone on an even playing field.

We also record all results minus the exchange commissions which means we’re not quoting inflated prices.

Our bets are so easy to set you can do it with only a few minutes work each day. Log in, get your selections and place your bets, it really is that easy. has been decades in the making and we are dedicated to helping you win with selections that are always at the business end of the market – where the money is.

Bet types we share


We have a number of bet types in the backing service and they are backing the win, backing the place, backing level Dutch bets, the unique “Split” Dutch bet and finally an all year round back win method. All bets come from a very strong data set and are aimed at getting winners at all prices.

All bet types are powerful and when you find the one that suits your betting style you are well on your way to profiting from your betting.

We offer support one to one.


We offer email support and this comes free with the service you sign up for. We think this helps even the most hardened player as there is always something to learn.

You may think that over the years you know a lot about betting, but it’s not until you start recording your bets and being honest with yourself that you realise it’s a very difficult business to win in.

Your local carpenter/brickie needed to do college courses and then practical work on the tools for a few years before he learnt his/her trade. Betting is no different. We are time served, fully qualified and willing to help you make your betting pay!

Check out the results page and set your bank and staking plan to suit your risk management, then let us do all the work.



Sign up to our Backing Service TODAY and start to enjoy that winning feeling!

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