Betfair & the EPL

Betfair & the EPL

Betfair – what a great place to bet and take control of your betting! The EPL has a mountain of liquidity in every game and knowing where you fit is very important. Do you know your limitations and how to get full advantage from them?

With so many dreamers out there hoping for that MONSTER WIN the Playmaker Football service has covered them all! We have the ultra-organised strategies that allow you to approach each match in a methodical way. We also have the big priced Correct Scores which we hit every season week in week out and finally, a simple to follow accumulator bet which has already hit this season!

We launched this mind blowing service in February 2021 and have now amassed over 1,065 Units! To put that into perspective, if you had been betting 5.00 per Unit you’ve won over 5,325.00!! 3 Methods are your bread and butter and the Correct Score 2 method also throws in the big prize on a regular basis. Each method is designed to fit your bank size. If you have a small bank and stake properly you will win.


This is the key

You must know what you can afford and understand how to stake it. When you master this you will collect on every game through one of the methods. Stake properly within your means and success is yours – not many services can offer this and it’s yours at the click of a button and it’s cheap as chips too!

The Match Odds method follows every game individually and you simply stake to the advice and to your staking plan. Your aim is to keep gathering a full unit and so far we have hit +192.59 Units with a 64.42% ROI. This is done game by game and methodically. You are always in control and you are the boss! We give you all the info you need and it only takes 2 minutes to place the bet. You don’t need to kick every ball for the full 90 minutes – the strategy is long term and repetitive and very effective. We love winning and so should you!

The Correct Score 1 and Correct Score 2 strategies follow each game and again you simply build your bank and set your staking to profit along the way. You will always have the correct score in the match with each method and the clever staking plan that is worked out for you and will show you how to profit throughout the season. The Correct Score 1 method currently stands at +199.87 Units with a 79.03% ROI and the Correct Score 2 method is +68.00 Units with a 91.09% ROI.

The 3 methods have varying strike rates that are built into your staking, making it easy to understand how the winners arrive. This is very important so you can build the mindset, discipline and patience required to bet properly and not by the seat of your pants!


Be organised and be a Betfair winner!

The added bonus to the above is the actual Correct Score 2 strategy. You can simply bet every result in level bets which would have won you the +605.50 Units so far. This is a patient, deliberate approach that is very exciting to play and very pleasing when you win. By adding this approach you have now covered the EPL games to the max and whichever method you choose (as long as you follow it properly and treat it with respect) you WIN, time and time again!

That’s 4 great ways to play the EPL in the Playmaker Football area where we are dedicated to you and your success. Join the friendly team and we will help you become a very valuable player in the current season. We have shown many clients just how easy it is to make over +1,056 units and not many people share real information like that so CLICK HERE to grab this opportunity with both hands and join our winning team!

*Figures correct at time of post.


We’ve done all the hard yards and the ups and downs along the way could not have been envisaged. With our life experience of betting behind us, we know our services are right for anyone who wants to turn their betting into a profitable experience.