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Melbourne Cup Day!

The race that stops a nation! The team at CCB are putting a masterclass seminar on in the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Australia on December 8th (see home page for details) so we thought it would be good to give some info on the big day at Flemington; the...

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WTF is Dutching?

Dutching gives you more chances of winning and a more regular return. Dutching in horse racing can be a fantastic method if you have the right information. How many times has your selection lead everywhere apart from the line or just failed to get up by a...

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You are a top punter!

You’re a top punter but I bet you don’t even know it!   Back on March 2nd I wrote that it’d be interesting to see how the coaching turned out… Every one of our clients are making money while working with us!   They don’t need to top up their...

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What should my stake be?

This is easily one of the most commonly asked questions, alongside how much can I make from a £1,000 betting bank. If only it was that simple! Some people would risk 0.25% of their bank, compared to someone wishing to go gung-ho with 15% of their bank....

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How did we get here?

THE MAKING OF CRYSTAL CLEAR BETTING HAS BEEN ONE HELL OF A RIDE! I had decided I needed time away and moved to a reclusive spot, inland of the central coast of Queensland, Australia. I was surrounded by kangaroos, goannas, snakes, sharks, spiders and...

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Do you have what it takes…?

Everyone loves the phrase “Professional Gambler”, but unfortunately it doesn’t exist and isn’t recognised. Try asking your bank manager for a loan and see the response you get. Then try and pay tax on your winnings and the tax department will tell you...

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