Can You Take A Bit Of Discipline?

Can You Take A Bit Of Discipline?

The question posed in this heading is one that every new and seasoned bettor alike needs to take on board.  A lot of people put so much time and effort into their betting and find what they think is the Holy Grail, only to throw it away after its first losing run.

As a Betting Coach, I often have clients come to me with methods they have been working on to get my take on them. One example was a backing method for the All Weather in the UK and so I followed it for a couple of months. It was slow to start but suddenly kicked in with seven decent priced winners in a row. I contacted the client and asked how well he was doing with it…I nearly fell over when he told me that after hitting a couple of losers at the start he gave up and decided to concentrate on something else!


When you start betting seriously, people think it’s like a James Bond moment and all of a sudden you become suave and sophisticated. While it does have these moments, you are more likely to be high-fiving yourself in the office than parachuting into the casino in a fancy suit.

When that winning bet comes in for you and the euphoric moment comes along, you soon discover that no one cares and you only have yourself to congratulate and celebrate with. This is no bad thing, but you need to keep the discipline because more often than not, betting day in day out is a very boring affair.

Stay Focussed on the Prize

Building up your betting mentality is a strong but difficult thing to do. There will be so many distractions in your way and removing them is critical. Stop looking to what everyone else is doing and concentrate on you! Most distractions and mistakes are self-inflicted and can be avoided. You will often see bettors who need their ego stroked or they need to tell you or show you what they have just won but boasting leads quickly to resentment so simply congratulate and move on.

If you can master discipline and patience, you will watch your bank grow. Don’t be drawn into what’s going on over there – the grass isn’t greener on the other side it’s green where you water it, so work on you and become the successful player you want to be.

Win as You Learn

In this day and age it’s easy to become a professional player by finding a field you want to play in and when you do, specialise in that field. If this means using a tipping service or joining an established syndicate, then by all means do it.

There are lots of people who share good information or have syndicates that bet together and by using it’s all very transparent. Everyone is different and by having someone to answer to or by receiving quality information every day, it will focus and discipline the bettor. Most bettors do not have the discipline to keep themselves in check but will if they are answerable to a proven method.

Big Money – Why not be part of it?

Most private or invitation only Betfair syndicates have an amazing turnover and one question always asked is: “Why do people share their information?” It’s very simple – it takes all types to bet and not everyone has the time, mindset, discipline and patience to be (and stay) in control.

By being in control I mean spending time on research and bet finding and then the bet placement process and of course the balancing of the bank. People can specialise in different areas and when done methodically you will find most syndicates fine tune their machine very quickly because everyone is accountable and has their place.

Some people are good leaders and organisers and can control an army of bettors and some are good at being the one who places the bets, as long as there is a well organised chain of command and the whole operation works like clockwork.

How often do you see traders let the trade go in-play, knowing full well they shouldn’t, or knowing if they place back bets they will start to chase after a losing run, or when they lay they quickly go off the rails due to a few losers in a row if their chosen bet type is laying.

These issues can be avoided if they are structured, everyone involved sticks to the plan, they have reason behind every bet, can see the bigger picture and understand the long term results. They also have a point of contact if a bad run or a winning run occurs – a good tipping service will always answer your questions and a syndicate will always help because if you’re winning, they’re winning!

Be Disciplined and Become Accountable

If your discipline has been or is a problem then stop betting. Find the solution by researching respected and proven tipsters, stick to a plan or better still, join an organised set of bettors that spread their money around the exchange and always place your own bets. This will teach you how to bet and become a winning bettor.

The experience of discipline and patience that you will learn will send you one of three ways: you will continue with the service, you will go it alone or you will give it away. If you are serious, make yourself accountable to someone and find out if you really have what it takes to make your betting pay.


We’ve done all the hard yards and the ups and downs along the way could not have been envisaged. With our life experience of betting behind us, we know our services are right for anyone who wants to turn their betting into a profitable experience.