One on One Coaching

We are the only website to offer such a unique opportunity.


You will have your very own betting coach. Each day for 1 month, you will receive an email working directly with you to help you achieve your betting goals.

Your coach will guide you for the whole month, working to find the types of bets that suit you best. He will ask you the hard questions and give you the solutions you need to make consistent profits from your betting.


You get the fantastic Premium Service included in this phenomenal deal!


When you sign up, we’ll give you 3 FREE BONUS methods to use with our selections!

Be prepared to be BLOWN AWAY by what your coach will reveal to you as a VIP customer!!

It’s incredible how many people are throwing their money away with silly bets, week after week.


We read blogs where people give you 30% of the relevant information and you have to guess the rest.

We scan the trading blogs and watch YouTube videos where nothing is shared, except a few lucky guesses on the ‘back now’, ‘lay now’. How often could these trades have gone the other way and do go the other way?!

You never see the losing trades on YouTube though do you…it’s all glory, glory, hallelujah! It’s all cherry picking.

Sir Michael Stoute
CCB’s resident coach will take you to the next level.


We don’t know of anyone else who is willing to share this kind of information or experience. Sharing knowledge on Horse Racing, Football, Trading and Matched Betting (every one giving you another way to make money from your betting). Your coach will ground you and get you on the right path which is essential for your progression and mindset.

Who is your coach? Someone who has been there and done it all. Your coach has bet £30,000 on a horse at Cheltenham, has won £250,000 from a football bet and was the first Betfair customer to be charged the premium charge for Laying horses.

He has given talks at Betfair seminars and to private Betfair VIP clients (for which he was paid over £1,000 for 15 minutes) and you now have access to him for a full month for only £499.99!! What a fantastic service!

If you are serious about making money from betting, Crystal Clear Betting will help you every step of the way. We have the industry experience, but the difference is, we are willing to share. No guess work, no luck, just solid services we can back up all year round.

To stay up to date with what he’s up to make sure you’re following him on Twitter @CCBCoach.


Sign up TODAY and get the expert treatment and knowledge with the exclusive Crystal Clear Betting One on One Coaching service.

Damien Fleming Darren Lehman
Michael Diamond
Michael Owen
Glen McGrath
Our coach will show you all the nuts and bolts and help you focus your betting into a profitable exercise.

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