A betting exchange is a place where you can both buy and sell bets. It works exactly the same way a stock exchange does. Some people are buying and some people are selling. The price changes depending on how many people are doing each.

If everyone is trying to buy something the price will go up. If everyone is trying to sell the price will go down.

The exchange itself doesn’t buy or sell bets, it just supplies a marketplace for all the buyers and sellers to get together and trade.

The main difference between a betting exchange and a stock exchange (other than what you buy) is the language used. Instead of ‘buying’ and ‘selling’, on a betting exchange we either ‘back’ or ‘lay’. Instead of the ‘price’ we talk about the ‘odds’.

Betfair is the biggest betting exchange in the world and the one that we recommend using. They have been in business since 1999 and were the first company to offer lay betting (and, therefore, matched betting) to the general public.

If you don’t have a Betfair account just click this banner to sign up.

The Betfair support videos explain everything, individualising every type of bet. It will open up a whole world of betting if you have not used it before.

Betfair Australia also have their Betfair Hub for all the latest predictions and analysis of various sports and you can check it out by clicking here.

Betfair Commissions

Betting exchanges do not set their own odds, so it is impossible for them to have an over-round. The odds on an exchange are set by the users as they back and lay bets. If the majority of people want to back , the odds will go down. If the majority want to lay, the odds will go up.

Because there is no over-round, the odds at an exchange are usually better than at a traditional bookie.

However, it means that the exchange has to find a different way of making money and they do that by charging commission on profits.

Commission Rates

For most sports Betfair has a basic commission rate of 5%, however you can reduce this by earning Betfair points. These are basically loyalty points that you accumulate with every bet that you place. As you work your way through the sign-up offers you will probably see your Betfair commission drop from 5% to 4.9% as a result of these points. The more matched betting you do, the lower the commission you will pay.

The site has been built around transparency and the most transparent way to bet is to Betfair Starting Price (BSP) in the Win and Place Markets. This way there is no doubts and no fancy claims of prices that no one can get. Everyone can get on at the price we settle all our results to.

All services are for horse racing in the UK  – thanks to modern technology and automation we have clients all over the world who use our services so they are not restricted to people living in the UK.

The Backing Service provides selections for the Win and Place Markets.

The Laying Service provides Lay Win, Lay Win to Liability and Lay Place to Liability in the Win and Place Markets.

Most punters prefer one or the other but many are up-skilling, adding to their betting portfolios and mastering both Backing and Laying, in which case The Premium Service will suit them.

If you are experienced and have your bank set, know how to stake and have good risk management, every service is geared for you to succeed. 

A novice should always start with the Coaching course as this will give you a concrete foundation and will also open many other doors within CCB to exclusive services such as The Coaching Plus, Ripple Updates, Inner Circle and VIP.

We do not send results out to individuals.

All results are posted monthly on the site and can be filtered to each different bet type. We suggest filtering these to identify the bet types that suit you – this will give you a better idea of what to expect before signing up for our services.

This is an easy answer however you must be realistic about your returns. There is a Return on Investment (ROI) figure for each service on the Results page and this is what you should be aiming for. Use this figure as a guide as to what to expect and go from there.

The Results page shows the Strike Rate for each service – this shows you the percentage of times that you should be collecting out of every one hundred selections. Understand what your strike rate should be and it will help you become a long term profitable bettor.

This is probably the most asked question however it’s not a straight forward answer.

When you start to ready yourself to bet you must have a bank and finding the amount you have to put in that bank comes down to you. No one else can tell you what you want to risk or can afford to risk. Every person who bets has different risk management levels and staking ideas. This means only you know if you are an aggressive bettor or a careful bettor.

The most important thing to remember is set your bank to what you can afford.

The simple answer is no – we do not know you or your financial circumstances so we cannot give out that kind of advice. If you struggle with staking then consider the One on One Coaching course where we cover every aspect of betting so that you can make an informed decision about how to stake.

We recommend you have a bank for each service as this will keep your betting disciplined and will show you how each investment performs. This allows you to quickly find a bet type that suits your mindset and betting style.

We are an established site and always recommend you have a set bank, a staking plan and a risk management plan in place. This will allow you to understand what you are trying to achieve and will help you become a successful bettor in a short space of time. No plan usually results in no profit as you are not in control.

Level Laying is when you are risking one full point at the odds the selection goes off at.

For example: If the selection is 4.70 and it wins the race you will lose 4.70-1 (Your Stake) =-3.70 and if the selection does not win you collect your full point less any commissions.

Laying to Liability means you set the amount you want to risk.

Let’s say you want to risk 100.00 as a liability and the selections odds are 1.83. This means you will lose 100.00 if it wins the race and if it does not win the race you will receive 100.00/ 1.83-1 (Your Stake) = 120.48 less any commissions.

In the One on One Coaching course we cover all the fundamentals that will make you a stronger more professional player.

Yes you should always know exactly how you are performing and what type of bets suit your betting style. Don’t be distracted and specialise and when you master one then keep adding until your portfolio is complete.

The simple answer is no. We advise these prices and settle all our results to these prices but we cannot dictate to you how you place your bets. You will get better results by sticking to our advice however as we have researched these prices and know where the profit lies.

All selections are put up as bets and are all settled to Betfair Starting Price (BSP) in the Win and Place Markets. No results are shown trading out so if you decide to trade our selections then this is your own personal choice.

The One on One Coaching is a 30 day course that will help you understand Staking, Risk Management, Odds, Probability, Bet Types and much more. It will also give you the knowledge on how to find and research your own selections.

You will also be given the top performing Ripple Methods which have bets for the Win and Place Markets using Betfair. These are very strong methods and are a very good addition to any serious bettor’s portfolio.

You are also given access to the Premium Service for 30 days as well as the Ripple Updates for 7 days.

The 3 Ripple Methods themselves are not for sale outwith the Coaching, however you can sign up for the Ripple Methods tipping service which gives you a Backing and Laying portfolio with all of their Strike Rates, Return on Investment (ROI) and Increase in Bank displayed daily.

The Ripple Updates service is exclusive to Coaching clients. The Ripple Methods data if fully logged and resulted and provided on a daily basis as a weekly subscription.

If you have completed the One on One Coaching you can request to join the Coach for this exclusive service. This is a 12 month profit share venture and all details are given upon direct request from Coaching clients.

It’s a great way to discipline yourself and understand your betting day by day and you are free to ask the Coach questions at any time.

The VIP service is exclusive to Coaching clients. The Coach shares bets and methods for the EPL on a weekly basis and as seasons progress, bet types are introduced. This is a must for anyone who loves to bet on the football.

If you have an event, a race day or want a one to one session the Coach is happy to quote a price. With decades of experience he can tailor make his interaction and can work with others if required. This can be for business, motivational or informal situations.

Yes, with advanced booking it’s easy to work out the figures to make his appearance at your event affordable – the team at CCB are flexible and will work to suit your plans.