Go Forth And Conquer!

Go Forth And Conquer!

It’s all the rage: Have a little knowledge of the betting industry. Make a betting model. Do a podcast. CONGRATULATIONS you are now a professional punter!

In the current climate there has never been a better time to transition from “mug punter” to “Professional Punter”.


Listen to Me (but I’m not sharing)

I’m always searching for ways to improve my betting because no matter who you are there is always more to learn! I’ve listened to countless podcasts, model builders, ex-bookies and professional punters and while they talk a lot, they never really say anything.

Being an ex-bookie seems to be the most common pre-qualification for turning pro which really just makes me laugh! They are constantly interviewed on every betting platform from TV to radio and podcasts, but when the questions come about specifics on how they actually make money from their betting it’s the same answer from all of them: “Oh well I can’t tell you that…”! Not to  mention that the “free tips” they give out rarely come in – “that was so close!” is always a good explanation…

If you want to make real profit from your betting then you need to have the basics covered – most people don’t have a dedicated bank, staking plan or understanding of probability and odds and if that’s you, then you are destined to fall by the wayside.


Top of the Premier League

The best way to succeed is to specialise so let’s use the English Premier League as an example. It’s very easy to get data on nearly every aspect of the game ranging from Match Odds, Goal Odds, Correct Score Odds, Half Time/Full Time Odds and many more.

So building a model is the easy part. You can start at the very beginning with a simple excel sheet and gather the data on what you want to bet on. We could use the Correct Score Market as an example and when you either go back in time and gather your data or start afresh from day one building your own, you will be doing something you like and specialising in an area that you want to bet in.

I always felt I had a good eye for the Correct Score and was successful, until I started betting on too many games and without the knowledge of the real probability and odds. This is when I built my Correct Score data base.

I wanted to either Dutch Bet a selection of results, or back them individually. Building your own data means exactly that – it’s yours and you can use it how you see fit. In the Correct Score Market I have found that by doing the Betfair markets (which has 19 possibilities) it’s a great addition to my income and to the income of the people I share my information with.

In these markets you will see 19 outcomes with 19 sets of odds. You need to build a model that predicts what you think the odds should be. When you have done this and you have done your research and gone live, you will see just how predictable it really is. Two great ways to play are by betting some individually or doing a market split. After all, most markets make up to 100%! So when you understand the math and where the money is the income follows.


Go Forth!

So many of my coaching clients progress through the ranks and if they stick to the successful Ripple Methods I bring them into the Inner Circle and then the VIP. The VIPs are privy to all the EPL information they need on Match Odds, Goals and Correct Scores.

Not many people share real information in a way that people can understand, but this was something I set out to do from day one and it has been so rewarding helping punters win – I really do love being a Betting Coach!

The team at CCB have had a fantastic start to the Premier League season so find your bet type and create a plan that will bring you profits from round to round.

You are in full control so make sure you enjoy the season and the success that your betting can bring.




We’ve done all the hard yards and the ups and downs along the way could not have been envisaged. With our life experience of betting behind us, we know our services are right for anyone who wants to turn their betting into a profitable experience.