How Important Is A Betting Bank?

How Important Is A Betting Bank?

In the several years I’ve been working with clients, the outstanding repetitive problem is their betting bank – it’s almost as if it’s an irrelevant subject as they spend so little time on it.

Amazingly this applies to 95% of people who bet and fly by the seat of their pants! No plan, no organisation and you guessed the end result: NO MONEY in their betting account.

If you don’t know what a betting bank does then you are almost certain to be continually topping up your account and wondering just what went wrong.

This all sounds doom and gloom but it doesn’t have to be this way! By making a few simple changes you will make the world of difference to your betting. Your bank is the single most important ingredient that controls so many emotions and affects your ability to bet.


Setting up a Bank

Each and every bettor is different and it’s impossible to have a “one size fits all” approach. You are the person in control and only you know how much you can afford. There’s no point in anyone telling you that you need 5,000 as a starting point if you can only afford 500.00. So to get started you need to set your “investment” aside. This is the amount you can afford to play with.

Another great myth is “only play with what you can afford to lose”..! We don’t want to lose anything, so let’s start by having an investment amount and remove any negativity. We are looking to invest by using our knowledge to become profitable. When you decide on this very personal figure, you’re ready to go!

AVOID the big mistake of taking the spare cash and throwing it in an account and hoping – take the time to make a plan and stick to it. It doesn’t need to be a complicated one, but be organised – after all you are investing. I love the phrase “fun money” but to date, any bank manager that I’ve asked for some “fun money” to bet with laughed me out the door! If you want to bet with pride and be serious about winning, then get ready to be realistic and play properly.


The Magic Number

When you decide on your magic number, you need to get into the right frame of mind and take into account a few very important details.

Betting is not quite as easy as putting money into an account and plucking a figure from the sky to back or lay. Just like dividing your account by 100 or risking 2% of your balance won’t work. You need to find your risk management setting and set your bank to suit. One of the easiest ways to do this is to establish a Betting Plan.

Betting Plan

This can be a tipping service or a method that you want to follow, or a simple eight race plan for the day. The important thig is that you have a start point.

  • We need to work out how many points we need.
  • We want to have a realistic target that suits your bank size.
  • We want to know what the tipping service, your own method or what your expectancy of the race days is.
  • We should build in any costs for the tipping service, method or expenses to get to the track.
  • This will then give us our real stake amount and not some guessed-at figure. It will also show us the size of bank we need to achieve it.

This is how that calculator could look:

If you stick to your plan and your chosen method works you should quickly STOP having to top up! The profits will flow and they will be regular.

This is based on a 30 day betting plan and lets you get the FULL use of your betting bank. This calculates exactly how much you should be betting and doesn’t leave 95% of your bank dormant and failing to work for you. It removes the over-betting and chasing elements from your betting and you become more organised and in control.


Do your research and understand what your strike rate should be so you know how often you will be collecting. Your bank depends on this as it will constantly be betting, waiting on a result and recouping. This is the area that hurts most everyday punters the most, when you place your bets and the bank is in full use. You must understand the “investment” process and comprehend that the money has to leave before it can return!

Two losers in a row won’t affect your bank long term because if you’ve researched your method or strategy carefully, it’s all built into your staking plan. Use the information from your calculator to teach yourself how to stake and how to plan.

Too many punters will hit a loser and question their ability and this is where the mindset, discipline and patience go out the window.


Treat your betting bank with the respect it deserves and don’t take unnecessary risks. If a good trader makes a mistake, he’ll quickly cancel his trade and this will (on nearly every occasion) result in a loss. This loss will not affect them as they have been in control and know their wins outweigh their losses.

It’s the same when laying horses – if you have a ceiling price that you are prepared to lay at, you don’t give value away by just laying regardless – you stick to your plan. You don’t want to bet on something where the odds don’t match your edge or what you think is value.

So respect your bank by placing organised thought out bets and get rid of the sill bets and crazy stuff that may creep in. If you do this you will find your wallet suddenly becomes very healthy and you can afford a few things you couldn’t in the past!

What your bank will show you:

  • Your exact position in the betting world.
  • How to make a realistic return every month.
  • What a realistic return
  • What your stake size should be.
  • The parameters you need to work within to get full use of your bank.
  • It will allow you to borrow from it and to replace the borrowings time and time again until you achieve your target.
  • To be aggressive by the settings in your calculator.

Never be afraid to set an aggressive bank. If you set a bank using the calculator you can adjust this by altering the amount of points needed. If for example the worst downturn was 12 you may double this giving you a total of 24 points.

It depends on this calculation how aggressive you are going to be. If the points setting is the dead 12 you could lose your bank, but it will also mean that you will use every penny allocated which is a good thing.

This will quickly show if the method is successful or needs more leeway. For some bettors aggression works and for others it won’t – you need to find where you fit. It’s very important that you find your figure – your sweet spot. If you hide behind the couch or worry about every bet you place your mindset will quickly tell you to adjust that points figure.

When you find that figure and settle on a tipping service or method that you trust and slowly build your portfolio of bet types it will be at this point that you love your betting bank. It should be treated as your best friend and not just the black hole you throw your spare cash at!

It’s time to reassess this area and use your full bank for the purpose it’s there for:

To allow you to borrow from it to bet

and by returning the profits to give you a positive cash flow.

This allows you to concentrate on your winning method with a well thought out staking plan.


One Size Doesn’t Fit All

With so many different areas to bet in nowadays it’s impossible to apply the same bank and staking plan to every bet and bet type. You may be backing a horse to win or a football team to win away from home, or a greyhound to be placed (and again you could be laying something not to win). As you can see you need to get more intense with your staking and use the bank to subsidise your borrowing from every field you bet in, or every bet type you look at.

One strong piece of advice is to specialise and grow and you will find you will go from zero to hero very quickly. Don’t try and become an overnight success and get annoyed when you don’t. Build slowly from a solid foundation and you will find the betting world is actually a great place to play in and make a living from.

So when you ask “What should my bank be and what I should stake?” start by working out what size your bank is and what you are trying to achieve. If you are sensible and disciplined and understand your bank and realistic returns you are off to a great start!


Return on Investment

A very popular claim from most good bettors nowadays is the ROI. This is a great guide to how you are performing and how good you really are. There is however a big question that should always be asked: “Is your ROI real and accurate?”

Let’s say we start with an organised bank of 5,000 and NEVER top it up. Is our investment amount 5,000 or is it worked out on every single bet placed? To take this question into the next stage you can fire up a live example.

ROI Example:

  1. With a bank size of 5,000 you end up with 33,224.53 CLEAR profits so we invested “our bank” to gain the profit amount. We would be looking at 664% ROI.
  2. With a bank size of 5,000 you end up at the same CLEAR profits figure 33,224.53 and this time we look at the amount of bets we had. The total amount of bets we place were say 739 and let’s say the liability each time was 194.00. The total “invested” would be 143,366.00 giving us an ROI of 23%.

We can compare both and like everything in betting, each individual is different and will come up with their own idea and version. Would you be in example 1 or example 2?

A great subject (and one that is split down the middle going by all the people I have had an opinion from) and you can see once again that just like finding your risk level and the amount you would stake from your bank, that there are so many angles and outcomes to weigh up. Building your bank is not as easy as taking 200 from your back pocket and firing it onto the first favourite!

Getting your house in order and by lining up all your ducks will always help your bottom line. Your bank relies on you taking control and planning your bets. Take the step to understand exactly how your betting works and what is needed.

If you can build your mindset to understand exactly what is happening when you borrow from your bank to invest in a bet and how the money arrives back, you are well on your way to steadying the ship and becoming a profitable bettor by giving your bank the respect it deserves.



We’ve done all the hard yards and the ups and downs along the way could not have been envisaged. With our life experience of betting behind us, we know our services are right for anyone who wants to turn their betting into a profitable experience.