Horse Racing Events

Famously dubbed “The sport of Kings”, horse racing has now become something that everyone and anyone can be involved in. It’s a multi-billion dollar/pound industry that operates 365 days a year and attracts spectators from all walks of life, from all over the world!

Horse racing is a much loved pastime and whether you like having a bet or just soaking up the atmosphere, you can enjoy watching anything from small town country races to the more prestigious festivals like Royal Ascot (UK) and the Melbourne Cup (AUS).

Horse Racing in the UK is a treasured pastime, not just for the enthusiasts, but also for those that enjoy having a bet. Some of the most famous races to come out of the UK include the Queen Elizabeth II Stakes and the Champion Stakes, which are both held in October.
Sometimes there is nothing better than sitting back with an ice-cold beer and watching the famous Melbourne Cup. But if you are a serious bettor, you are on the edge of your seat, seeing which thoroughbred will make history.