Investing Or Punting?

Investing Or Punting?

One of the great debates is whether you are a Gambler or an Investor. I’ve worked with so many different people over the past few years and it’s always a great topic.

Most people jump into betting thinking “This is easy! I have loads of cash in my Betfair account and now all I need to do is bet!” At that point it all goes wrong – the shiny distractions creep in, the self-doubt creeps in and before long you are backing two flies going up a wall!

I have really had my eyes opened to just how much money people have in their Betfair accounts and yet don’t have any idea how to use it to make them money. They have no plan or structure and don’t even know what a realistic return is let alone finding value and gaining an edge.

Knowing what bet type suits you i.e. one that will bring a return that fits your requirements and is realistically going to perform over time is essential. Backing and Laying have totally different mindset requirements and you need to make sure everything falls into place.

When I arrived in Australia I wanted to create an investment portfolio – something that revolved around Betfair and the betting world. I worked on numerous projects and was always interested in what the share market was doing and how it was performing. Putting my cash into the bank became a non-starter due to their lack of return so that was not an option for me personally. After a good few years the Ripple Methods were born and in 2018 they went live.

They started steadily and have grown month on month ever since and I decided to work with other bettors on lots of different ideas. I now have clients and bettors all over the world working daily on what has become a massive project.

The Ripple Methods were the central point and combining them with Betfair Starting Price was the best thing I ever did. That got the whole thing started and by growing this it has allowed everyone to gain another income as we are all around the same price. We take on the hot pots every day in the biggest markets available using Betfair. I wanted to create something that the ordinary punter could use and now it’s even used by professionals!

Each Ripple Method has its own purpose and when you look at the chart for the Ripple UK its progress has been very smooth:



Now let’s have a quick glance at Bitcoin…



So that we’re comparing apples with apples, if you take away Bitcoin’s starting point of +13,412.44 at the beginning of 2018, it shows a +42,976.29 increase – over the same time frame, the Ripple UK alone is sitting at +37,871.14 (AFTER ALL COMMISSIONS PAID and handy in your Betfair account).

Looking at the bigger picture and all the Ripple Methods combined (UK, Edit and Extension) are sitting at +72,926.49 (2018 – Current).


The Noise

As you can see, when the “punter” can actually sit down with a plan and put that plan into action, they can become the “investor”. The noise in between can be difficult – the hurdles you need to jump are easy but the punter will always get in his own way due to his mindset, lack of discipline, lack of patience and the simple understanding of how the money arrives.

People seem to understand the ups and downs of a share market graph and are able to see the long term benefits, yet they fail to treat their betting graphs with the same appreciation – they seem to think their betting should shoot for the stars in a straight line, but when that doesn’t happen, when the dips come, they panic, jump off the rocket and miss the benefits!! Betting is not a get rich quick scheme, it’s not a fast way to making easy money but it is a GREAT WAY to make A LOT of money if you understand what you’re doing and have solid foundations in place!

I’m working with some great people now, both through the site and mentoring on my own and I have never had a more satisfying job as I am dedicated to each and everyone’s success. The stories of people “not getting on” and falling out with bookies don’t even register with me anymore. Bet with care and attention on something you understand and trust and the exchange will always welcome you. Stick to the T’s & C’s and don’t worry about the Premium Charge because you should already have that factored into your plan.


“Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda!”

It’s like everything else in life – take the time to make a plan and stick to it. Do the homework to find out what it takes to get from A to Z and gain the confidence to give it a try. Don’t be someone who complains of a “sick beat”, take control and become a real bettor – someone who doesn’t need to top up and who actually wins!

There are so many people out there willing to help and with software and data it makes it a lot easier to succeed. Forget about the share market and just invest in yourself! Find your path and follow the rainbow to the pot of gold to become the boss of your own betting!



We’ve done all the hard yards and the ups and downs along the way could not have been envisaged. With our life experience of betting behind us, we know our services are right for anyone who wants to turn their betting into a profitable experience.