After 6 days on Twitter doing the Dutch bets live we are finally putting them on the site. It was a great week and we interacted with so many interesting people. We aim to make your betting pay and STOP you from having to top up and it all comes down to mindset, discipline and patience.

A Quick Breakdown

Everyone seemed to get the idea very quickly and the others got there in the end. Here is a summary of what happened. We placed 22 bets and 19 won. The profit was £346.95 to £100 stakes. This is how it looks in a chart and what the trend line thinks we would make in a month.

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As you can see a very nice target and you are still playing with the 1st £100.00 you started with, except you now have £446.95 in your bank.

Using the split stake equally method.

This means we use a Dutching calculator, Bet Angel or the setting button above the staking box in Betfair. These will all show you the exact amount to stake to win the same amount should any of the selections win. It is very straight forward when you use it a few times. We recommend you use Bet Angel – it’s fast and efficient and you can rectify any mistakes immediately and it’s all at the click of a button. You can even automate your bets on Bet Angel if you don’t have time to place them at the time of the race.


This is a typical calculation for a 3 Selection Dutch Bet:

Selection Odds Stake
1 2.5 £56.79
2 4.6 £30.86
3 11.5 £12.35
Total Staked   £100.00
Return If Any Selection Wins   £141.98
Profit   £41.98


As you can see a very nice profit if one of the selections win the race. This also means the odds of the Dutch Bet is 1.41. We receive 41% profit, which is great value considering we think it had a 100% chance of occurring.

It is very important you find your “risk management” level, as odds change throughout the day. It comes down to the % profit you are willing to take. For example, we think it has a 100% chance of happening so this means you may be happy taking a 10% minimum profit. Or you could set your targets higher and have fewer bets and only play when you have a 50% profit. This all comes down to the individual and your own risk management. We settle all bets to Betfair SP and ALL results will be recorded.

It is also very important not to kid yourself, we post ALL results minus commissions – we don’t glorify the numbers to make us look good, we tell it as it is and that’s how you must view your betting. We only want the truth and the transparency of the results, and that’s why we have now posted all our results on the site.


Be Realistic

Most people would be happy breaking even and when you get to that stage, you are not far away before you join the elite and start actually winning. Some months will be mediocre, but some months will balloon out of sight and you will feel like a master of your art. It is one of the most difficult pastimes to master and you must be REALISTIC.

At Crystal Clear Betting we always share additional info and answer all your questions and that’s why we are doing this – we are giving back. We are helping the normal punter. We have had our fill of corporate bookmakers robbing you day in, day out as you will only have a corporate bookmakers account if you lose and so you have no chance if you’re winning!

That’s why we use Betfair

Below is a chart of ‘if you backed the favourite in this week’s twitter Dutch bets, it makes a very interesting read and will be observed for the ‘Observations’ check out the chart below.

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The problem with most punters is that they see the 6 races in the middle and say: “I lost 6 in a row”. You can never judge a method quickly; you must understand how it works. So the above chart will be monitored and could make its way into the Observations, and of course we all know the Observations are already a massive 23.69 points in profit for December.


Yes that’s £2,369.00 Profit on day 2!

All the information is on the site and we really feel strongly about each method – the Dutching and the MONEY BACK GUARANTEE being the 2 newest additions.


The Premium Service

Backing, Laying, Dutching and a guarantee – the Premium Service really is second to none!

In finishing, I got asked a lot last week why don’t we back all the selections individually – the chart below shows you why.

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You can see from the trend line this is heading to the South Pole! This will be monitored and you will see a big correction soon because a big priced winner WILL come along and it will be one of our selections. We will see overtime how it performs and we will update you as we go.

Hopefully this has explained the Dutching and we have email support for any questions and of course you can catch us on Twitter. Try and get your Twitter questions to us before or after racing because we are making money right alongside you, or if there are any long gaps between races. These are all ideal times to ask some quick questions.


To answer the most common question:

The Dutching is in order of Betfair SP, not the numbers of the horses.


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