Laying Service

Laying is an art so let us show you how it’s done.


Laying sounds easy…until you give it a go.

When we lay a horse, we have the luxury of every other runner in the field running for us.  This makes us the “bookmaker” and we treat every lay bet with respect.

The extensive database we have built over several years is just one of the things that gives us our “edge”. With that edge, we automatically find value because the statistics that our information throws up is undeniable!

We know there’s a chink in the armour of nearly every horse we lay. Follow our selections and you will very quickly become “the bookie”.


Then you will become an elite exchange player.


When you sign up you will be playing from day 1.

We have a few very simple rules to follow. If you apply these rules with the winning mindset, patience and discipline, you are well on your way to success.

We will help you with your bank size and stake amount for realistic returns. This allows you to set all your goals for the months ahead. When you do this it will make your betting pay and allow you to understand what it takes to stop topping up your betting account.


Join us today and use our expertise to win month on month.
A Specialist Team


In our team is one of the first to pay the premium charge for laying horses on the exchanges. That’s an amazing achievement! He is here to guide you so you too can become one of the very few people who win consistently on the exchanges.

In your early days, he will be essential to building your confidence and letting you understand the importance of mindset, discipline and patience.


We are giving you the edge you need to win.


We are not giving you our statistics or access to our database. We are giving you specific selections. We also tell you what you should be staking from the size of your bank.


Having an edge is so important – simply put, it’s the difference between winning and losing.


You may be finding win bets and lay bets, but if you are finding them at the wrong price with no edge or value, you simply won’t win over time.

These are two things you must have to succeed on the exchanges. Learn to stop topping up your account and enjoy your racing knowing we are here to help you every step of the way.

You can only place lay bets on the betting exchange.

Betfair is the the number 1 betting exchange in the world, so if you don’t already have a Betfair account then click the banner to sign up.

When you lay a horse in the win market you don’t want the selection to win and in the place market you don’t want the selection to place. It really is that simple.

People have trouble understanding the term “lay” but it simply means that we think it won’t happen, so you “lay” the selection.


Laying a horse in the WIN and PLACE market


In the WIN Market, the selection must lose the race. First place is the only thing that matters. In order for us to win the horse MUST lose. The same applies in the Place Market depending on the amount of places available – we do not want our selection to fill one of the places.

We are guided by the exchange starting price; this is a true reflection of what price the selection should be.


We work form our statistics and data base and pinpoint our edge.


We know what horse to take on in what races and at what course. This gives us a constant investment-like return and allows you to grow your betting bank.

We provide email back up every day if you have any questions or need anything explained, this service alone is worth its weight in gold.


Level staking and Liability staking


We do both.

In the Win Market we lay to level stakes.

In the Place Market we lay to liability.

We find very low priced selections in the Place Market and our returns can be very high.


This is one of our strongest methods regarding a return on investment.
Why join us?


With thirty years’ experience under our belt our intellectual property is worth a fortune! We have a very strong set of statistics and a very powerful data base – combine these things with modern technology and automation and you’ve got your winning formula!!

We lay in the WIN Market and the PLACE Market. We maximise your chance of winning by carefully selecting the horses for you to play.

When you learn to be a solicitor or a builder, you spend years at university, college or directly on the tools. You need time to learn your trade.

For you to lay on your own accord from day 1 in the shark infested exchange waters, I’m afraid you won’t last long!

Your account will be constantly in need of “topping” up and topping up is the worst feeling!


Use our expertise to make you a winner.


No fancy computer skills needed. No knowledge of horse racing needed. With email support we will have you playing from day 1 and winning month on month.

Set your bank and sign up today – let’s put you on the map and make your betting pay.


We look forward to getting to know you and taking you on this winning journey!

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