The race that stops a nation!


The team at CCB are putting a masterclass seminar on in the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Australia on December 8th (see home page for details) so we thought it would be good to give some info on the big day at Flemington; the world famous Melbourne Cup race day.

If you plan to play the bonuses or are looking for a few pointers here you go:

Race 1: We’re looking to target the 2nd in the betting on Betfair at race time. Our data says this horse will win the race or win the bonus, especially if you use Pointsbet.

You have two options: back it with the bookie and lay it with Betfair to win the bonus, or simply back it at the bookie and try and win the bonus. Matched betting is the first option, punting is the 2nd option with the safety net of a possible bonus. Nice pay out if it wins the race with option 2.

The 4th horse in the betting will give you the same result but the possibility of a very big win if it wins the race with option 2. Neither of these horses have never failed to win the race or win the bonus.

Race 2: The bonus target with Pointsbet is 4th in the betting, back with the bookie and Lay on Betfair (4/6 bonuses in previous years).

Race 3: we will be aiming at the 2nd in the betting and you could do the same as Race 1 showing a profit in the backing and showing a 5/6 record win or a bonus. So you could apply the option 1 or option 2 plan as per Race 1.

Race 4: the bonus target is 4th in the betting on Betfair, a definite matched betting prospect back with the bookie lay on Betfair 5/6 strike rate for the bonus.

Race 5: same as Race 4 but we are targeting the 2nd in the betting on Betfair.

That takes care of the bonuses.

Now onto the race that stops a nation!


We will be closely monitoring this to see if the value is in backing the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 6th and 9th in the betting on Betfair (5 selections). This method has made over 30 points over the years.

Be smart and split your stakes, after all it is The Cup and Michelle Payne has her own story with her $127.36/1 WINNER!!


We will be playing Numbers 5, 10, 11, 12, 17, 20 and 23 – exactas, trifectas and the first four.

Good luck if you’re having a go and we are sure you will collect some winners and bonuses following the above!

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