Patience Is A Virtue

Patience Is A Virtue

The betting world is full of distractions and opinions. You can scroll through hours of videos or log onto your account to get comments as they happen, but a lot of this can be a distraction that you can ill afford.

When you start to take your betting seriously and understand what odds and probability are, you will quickly see that waiting on the right price at the right time becomes very important. You become patient and understand what the market is telling you. There is no better guide than the Starting Price (BSP). The BSP will guide you right up until race time with a great percentage view of the chance the selection has of winning. The added bonus is that this has already been translated into odds.

So when we look online and find the “Betting Guru” to Back to Lay, Scalp, Lay the Field, Lay the Draw and so on, it’s pretty much useless if you don’t do your homework and find the entry points. When should you play? Too many people watch a video or see a tip and jump in. You will get your luck but we all know long term luck only plays a small part and is soon substituted for a loss. That’s why when you look for advice, a tipster, a method to follow or a proven strategy you need to know the odds. Are they for or against you?

Finding the Right Time to Play Patiently

When you are following someone who is telling you back that selection if it is this price or lay the selection if it’s lower than this price, you will start to see regular and constant returns. You will become patient and wait for the right opportunities and you won’t bet on things that have no value.

This is easy in horse racing, football and most sports because the odds are there for you to view – then you can pick your moments! Even better if you have all your ducks lined up and understand where your edge is and when the bet is value. Having an edge and using it with a patient approach will discipline your betting and bring profits and that’s why it’s always important to be told or shown why it’s value. Jumping on every bet without a plan is a quick way to the poor house, yet most punters do it week in, week out. The bookies love this approach and that’s where they make their money (and lots of it)!

Feet First into Trading

The greatest viewing on the internet is how easy it is to Trade, or Back to Lay or Lay the Field and these guys ALWAYS show winning videos. If you jump into Scalping the market will quickly move against you and there are not very many videos showing you what to do then. Is this because they don’t know? Or this is where they want you so they can profit…?

It’s possible to trade and to trade quickly, but you need to get a grasp of what you’re doing and learn how the market will react. If you jump in you are easy pickings and will no doubt be swallowed up and if you have already tried it you will know exactly what I mean. However, with a little patience and learning you will understand it and achieve a REALISTIC return.

The Back to Lay guys are always entertaining and will come and go with the weather. They will show you some easy trades that took right up until the winning line to land…and then claim how easy it was to land! Back to Lay bets must have entry and exit points – either that or you need to be a master race reader and do it live. Without the entry and exit points you are only being shown an example, not a method.

Finally, the Lay the Field is great but you need to do so much research to find the right races to apply the bet to. If you just start hitting every race you will end up in the poor house once again. One thing to always remember: the guys posting these things have usually taken the time to prepare what they are showing you.

Knowledge is always welcome, even if it’s showing you something as basic as how to use a third party tool or how to work out odds from a percentage, so take it on board and move on and always be respectful. You can see from this very small summary just how much work you need to put in and so many things need to fall in your favour.

Trusting Data

When you get to the stage that you are keeping data or using data from a trusted source, you will have all the information you need. It will guide you towards the money but it won’t just give it to you. You need to apply the trust. You must trust your data source, trust your tipster or adviser and be confident. When you are organised and have the trust, mindset and patience should fall into place and you will see that betting can be profitable – unfortunately flying by the seat of your pants and being distracted won’t be.

The betting world takes time to master but when you do it can be very enjoyable and you will stop calling your losses “fun money”. Take the time to structure your betting and understand what you are viewing or listening to. There are a lot of experts out there that are willing to help nowadays and it almost makes it difficult to fail, especially if you have the PATIENCE to listen and learn.


We’ve done all the hard yards and the ups and downs along the way could not have been envisaged. With our life experience of betting behind us, we know our services are right for anyone who wants to turn their betting into a profitable experience.