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This is next level betting!
“I can’t believe how successful your system is…Welcome to the 0.5% most successful customers.”

Senior Accounts Manager, Betfair

The complete horse racing portfolio


We have built a strong historical set of data for the UK and Australian horse racing markets and we are sharing this valuable information directly to you, to give you the same advantage and edge before the jump.


Bet types:


  • Back Win
  • Back Place
  • Level Dutch
  • CCB SPLIT Dutch bet
  • Level Laying
  • Laying to Liability

We recommend you set your bank for each Premium method and have a staking plan with a built in target.

The spreadsheet on our Results page gives you the ability to look at the individual methods and results with a simple, easy to use filter. This gives you an idea of how each method performs and you can decide from there how you’d like to approach your staking for each one.

Our results are all recorded to Betfair SP and take into account all commissions to ensure complete accuracy and transparency for our subscribers.

If you don’t already have a Betfair account simply click the banner below and follow the prompts.

This is no ordinary tipping service…


With thirty years’ experience under our belt our intellectual property is worth a fortune! We work from our own data – carefully researched and built from the important points in racing. In this game you need an ‘edge’ and that’s what we promise you. We help you win with selections that are always at the business end of the market – where the money is.

Our Backing and Laying Services are powerful in their own right, but combine them and the sky is the limit! The Premium Service will have you winning month on month and making profit like never before.

That’s a discount of £29.99 per month – it’s a no brainer!!

You also have the added benefit of email support, with every question answered by someone with knowledge of the betting world – this cannot be underestimated and is worth its weight in gold.

Tipsters are a dime a dozen but our outlook and approach is different to the norm and you’ll see that from day one.

There’s no time like the present so roll up your sleeves and jump right in! We’re always here to help so feel free to send us an email if you have any questions.

Sign up TODAY and take your betting to the next level.

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