Ripple Me This, Ripple Me That!

Ripple Me This, Ripple Me That!

What an exciting prospect the Ripple UK was when I first started out working on a backing method that would make you a millionaire! Unfortunately within three weeks it was fairly obvious this wasn’t going to happen and in fact it looked like being quite the opposite! All the research prior to going live pointed in the direction of a very profitable laying method! With all the hard work done and the data gathered it led me straight into developing the complete set of bet types. The Ripple Methods were ready to go and have become an essential part for any long term investor looking to use Betfair day after day.


Backing or Laying

When you start putting real money into Betfair it’s not long before you know if you are going to sink or swim. There are so many hurdles in your way along with so many shiny distractions. From day one I knew that it would be a learning curve and it would take three years before I could even think about having a method that worked. In fact, the first backing method became the Ripple UK laying method and it has never looked back.

We are now a few years on and the Ripple UK has turned out to be one of the only methods you can use successfully with Betfair Starting Price (BSP). It’s a solid named selection process that regularly wins time and time again. Not many people make money laying on Betfair so this was the aim for everyone who passed through the Coaching. Teaching this has been very satisfying and if you can discipline yourself to stick to the plan then you have a ready made homemade stock issue. Learn the process, stick to the rules, repeat.


Ripple UK

At the time of writing this piece the Ripple UK had 655 winning bets from 958 placed with an average BSP of 2.74 (nice and low which I have found essential to a winning laying method). With a Strike Rate running at 68.37% you know exactly what to expect. The increase in bank has been over 162 points and for a laying method this is unique. The whole aim was for people to do the Coaching, discipline themselves and have a winning formula. Lots of people have now passed through the 30 day course and many are now well on their way to having a betting portfolio more like an investment portfolio which is so satisfying to myself and the team at CCB.

So the Ripple UK takes care of the laying side of things and it has been very powerful. We are also just about to increase its strength by introducing the Saturday Money Map using what we refer to as TAB 2. Tab 2 will identify strong bets surrounding all markets for the races covered and will be an incredible addition, giving even more value to our clients.


Hey Presto the Ripple EDIT!

Having completed and perfected the Ripple UK we moved onto the Ripple Edit which targets the strong runners and the “certainties” (we all know there is no such thing but this method is as close as it gets!). We set out to find selections in the Betfair WIN and PLACE markets and we did this with precision. This added another feather to our cap and gave us Lay Win, Back Win and Back Place and we now had the beginnings of solid NAMED selections bets day by day.

At the time of writing The Ripple Edit has performed better than we ever expected! Getting value from SP is very difficult, but once again we have the figures to prove it. These methods have now been live for a number of years and continue to perform for our valued clients month after month. In the Win Market we have had 212 winners from 401 bets with a strike rate of 52.87%. That gives us an increase in bank of 94.84 points.

In the Place Market the result is similar with 675 winners from 792 bets. That’s an impressive strike rate of 85.23% returning 91.62 points increase in bank. All sensibly staked with a bank we can afford and this is available to anyone – all you need to do is spend 30 days with me and you get the Ripples! We now had three solid areas with massive liquidity in Betfair covered. It was time to move on!


The Ripple Extension arrives with a mountain of value!

Having built the data precisely over the learning years we had everything individualised and we had clients looking to bet at bigger prices. I created the Extension for just this purpose and even I was (and still am) amazed at the results. They have been a disciplined and selective breath of fresh air to the portfolio and finished off the UK investing plan to perfection.

When I look at the figures even I say they are unbelievable – but they have gone out day after day live to all our clients. They have gone out through the Coaching and the Ripple Updates and the winnings have been superb. In the Win Market the selective bet type has had 41 winners from 229 bets since going live, with a small 17.09% strike rate using the Betfair Exchange SP, but a very large 182.01 points increase in bank! This is a method that is shelling out a 79.48% return on investment and it shows no sign of stopping. In fact, if you had bet the selections in the Place Market you would have added another 45.70 points increase in your bank. This completes the Ripples for the UK and once you have them you can play them every day or seasonally, whatever suits your betting frame of mind, but the main thing is you have them.


Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

Having Tab 2 in the Ripple UK and being one of the first people to work out winners in the order of the Betfair markets, it was a no-brainer to make up a Ripple AUS that let our Aussie clients work on every meeting. Having information for all the main tracks has been a tremendous success and for those who applied themselves and took on board all of the training, it’s the only betting guide for horse racing you would ever need for this part of the world!

It’s very accurate and continually provides you with Back, Lay and Dutch bets. You can work out your return on investment, increase in bank, strike rate and probability and know exactly when and when not to play. When you have done the 30 day course and you sit back and set up your bet types you will perform like (or better than) any professional gambler that has been a bookie or has thrown together a data base. This is ready made for you to become your own betting boss and become the CEO!


Staying Strong

I made a few changes to the Ripples when they transitioned from a learning tool to a betting tool and this has dealt with the laziness of some people who didn’t want to filter on a daily basis. Now all selections placed into the Ripple Updates are put up as a confident bet. I stand by our claims that The Ripples are among the elite methods that work to BSP and they really has been a game changer for all of our clients.


Keep Your Eye on the Target

When you have all the information and your portfolio is up and running there is nothing to stop you building your own bets and looking at various sports. I have built some really interesting greyhound, football, basketball, AFL, NRL and tennis methods in the Coaching Plus with numerous clients.

This really opened my eyes to how organised some clients are but just need that final piece of advice on staking, bank management, probability, odds  or any other topic they are not quite sure of and this is when the penny drops. Fear and lack of confidence can often hold punters back and the added value Coaching Plus is a great way to hit your peak. Having someone motivate you and keep you on track is a massive advantage and with the strong tools at hand you can start to perform like a professional very quickly.


It’s Up to You

When you get to a stage that you think it’s time to stop messing around trying this, that and the other, take the step that will change the way you bet forever. Learn what mindset, discipline and patience can bring, then grow your bank with confident realistic expectations. You owe it to yourself to become good at something you love.

Teach yourself the basics in the initial 30 days – leave with all the Ripples and the betting information you need to start your journey. I’m sure if you’ve continued reading this far the next step will be easy! It has been a long journey for the team and we have done the hard yards, so allow yourself the luxury of learning from our experiences and we look forward to you becoming part of the team at CCB!



We’ve done all the hard yards and the ups and downs along the way could not have been envisaged. With our life experience of betting behind us, we know our services are right for anyone who wants to turn their betting into a profitable experience.