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These two hard working sites in Australia will give you all the information you need on how to target the bonus bets day by day Down Under, so click these links and take a look to understand how to capitalise on all that money the bookies give away.

Matched Betting Australia

Bonus Bank AU

The beauty of matched betting is that it lets you understand how backing and laying works with the bookmakers and Betfair. When you learn this, your betting will change forever (you will also identify how you’ve been losing money all these years…).

Here are our views for this upcoming Saturday in Australia (Nov 10). We will concentrate on races 1-5 @ Flemington and Rosehill.

Rosehill starts @ 11am AEST and Flemington @ 11.15 AEST.


There are a few ways to play the bonuses and they are all laid out on the guy’s websites. You can play with next to NO RISK or you can play for a gamble and the BIG win.


No Risk equals backing with the bookmaker and laying on Betfair


Big Win equals backing with the bookmaker only

(You’re looking to either win the race or the bonus with this method. This is risk, but the returns when you do your homework can be massive.)


The position in the betting refers to the betting order on BETFAIR.

Rosehill Race 1:

You have an absolute dream start to the day as you can play up the Favourite for the NO Risk or the BIG Win. Back the BETFAIR favourite with the bookie and either let it RUN or lay it on Betfair. It’s a win win with this one as the strike rate is 80% winning or placing in the race. If you are playing POINTSBET, the 3rd in the betting is 100% NO Risk and BIG Win (a must play).

Flemington Race 1:

All bookies – the 3rd in the betting is showing a profit NO Risk and BIG Win 75% strike rate on winning the bonus and a profit when backing and not laying.

POINTSBET play is the 2nd in the betting 100% strike rate for the bonus.

Rosehill Race 2:

3rd in the betting is showing a massive profit for the BIG Win! Over time this is the Christmas present buyer (use POINTSBET).

Flemington Race 2:

POINTSBET 4th in the betting and a definite Back and LAY = 100% strike rate on the bonus. Use the 2nd in the betting with other bookmakers (both methods showing a profit).

Rosehill Race 3:

POINTSBET 2nd in the betting another 100% for bonuses and winning big! All profit. Probably showing the best for ordinary bookies as well.

Flemington Race 3:

Harder race this one with bonuses spread out. Big profit backing 6th in the betting but this is more of a gamble. POINTSBET (most bonuses) 2nd in the betting, bookies (most bonuses) 4th in the betting.

Rosehill Race 4:

POINTSBET 2nd in the betting Back and Lay. Most bookie bonuses Favourite Back and Lay.

Flemington Race 4:

Another cracker for both methods – 2nd in the betting (100% with POINTSBET).

Rosehill Race 5:

Another dream for both methods (the jolly) – 1st in the betting with POINTSBET and Bookmakers 100% and 90% respectively.

Flemington Race 5:

The 2nd in the betting for the Back & Lay, the favourite for the BIG win.

That gives you a decent cheat sheet for Saturday for Rosehill and Flemington.

Play sensibly and what suits you best. We always advise you to follow what the guys say on their sites but we have given you some insight into the “profit” horses for the day, if you only Back, hoping for the bonus if you lose.

Follow us all on twitter @CCBetting2018 @MatchedBetsAus and @bonusbankau and better still, join us on a daily basis through all the individual sites and make your betting pay!

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