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By following this fantastic service you will have confidence in every bet you place!

This area is dedicated to the Syndicate Newsletter Selections.

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The Pony Up Service is dedicated to the Syndicate Newsletter Selections.

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UK Horse Racing Selections.

EPL Selections.

This area has limited places and covers Back Win Bets to Level Stakes.


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We back to level stakes.

Using the exchange Starting Price keeps everyone on an even playing field.

We also record all results minus the exchange commissions which means we’re not quoting inflated prices.

Crystalclearbetting.com has been decades in the making and we are dedicated to helping you win with selections that are always at the business end of the market – where the money is.

Bet types we share.

All bets come from a very strong data set that we have built over several years. They are aimed at getting winners at prices we advise on, giving you that extra value.

All of our bet types are powerful and when you find the one that suits your betting style you are well on your way to profiting from your betting using Betfair.

Profitable betting.

You may think that over the years you know a lot about betting, and it’s not until you start recording your bets and being honest with yourself that you realise it’s a very difficult business to win in.

Your local bank manager and tradie needed to do courses as well as practical work on the tools for a few years before they learnt his/her trade and betting is no different.

We are time served, fully qualified and willing to help you make your betting pay by using the Syndicate selections!

Get a discount!

We now have the options to sign up for this limited service at reduced fees for 3- and 6-month blocks giving you even more value for money (if that’s even possible!). Get 10% off for 3 months or 20% off for 6 months, just make your selection at checkout.

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