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Something New!

This NEW and exciting service is worth its weight in gold and gives you valuable one on one time with the Coach to improve your betting.

It’s rare to find anyone in the betting industry that will share their knowledge and information to help you WIN, but that’s exactly what Roy Thomson does, and he’s been doing it for years!

How it works

Signing up for this unique opportunity gives you a week of consultation via email with the Coach to determine what you need and which direction you want to go.

Every punter is different

The Coach will take this time to help you analyse your betting style, pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses and narrow down your talents with a plan to implement and improve your betting moving forward.

The Coach has helped dozens of clients build databases and create profitable methods from Horse Racing to Football and helped them expand their betting portfolio to include other sports that interest them.

If you’re an existing CCB client, perhaps you’d like the Coach to look over your databases to make sure you’re on the right track, or maybe you’d like his input on something you’ve been working on yourself.

You can pick his brain on anything you need help with on any betting related topics. Take this time to delve into something completely new and let the Coach help you turn it into something great!

As you know, there are so many different aspects involved in being a successful punter and you can rely on our coach to give you open and honest feedback and keep you from falling back into old habits.

Here’s where it gets really exciting…

He will also use this time to assess your suitability to join his betting operation – our beloved Coach has traders and stakeholders all over the world and now you have the opportunity to be part of this exciting venture!

Mindset, Discipline, Patience

Make sure everything you’ve learned as a punter is being implemented, taking effect and making you more money than ever with this exclusive opportunity from the Coach.

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  • One on one time with the Coach.

    Sign up for this unique 7-day consultation to take your betting to the next level!

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