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Still can’t believe what this data puts out on a daily basis. Ripple has been a gem of a product! - L.J, South Australia

The Ripple Methods, exclusive to CCB, have quickly become a talking point due to their simplicity in making money using the Betfair exchange.

All of the Ripple Methods have different objectives and having the complete set will transform you into a stronger, more successful player. The Ripple Methods cover all bet types and are very easy to use, so take a minute and scroll down to see what they’re all about!

The Ripple Effect Method UK

This is the original Ripple Method and this will keep your betting organised and easy to manage. This method will show you how to find Back Bets, Lay Bets and Dutch Bets.

Trust the Data

The data is invaluable and gives you the edge you need to win, over and over again. It has been tried and tested and the results stack up with the Lay Win to Liability bets alone having won over £18,000 to recorded stakes up to July 2020.

When it comes to laying horses on the exchange, a lot of people think they can do it, but very few succeed. With this method you will quickly identify lay bets which can immediately be used on the Betfair exchange. It will also give you lay prices that you should play to without risking your bank.

Combined with the Back Bets and adding our unique Dutch Bets into the mix, you’ve got all angles covered to make profit month after month.

Be in Control of Your Betting

The big advantage of taking the 30 day online Coaching course is that it explains everything day by day, in a simple and easy format. Once completed, you can either run your own logs or, if you don’t have the time, we have recently launched ‘The Ripple Updates’ service that goes hand in hand, giving you more time to focus on winning.

  • The Ripple Effect Method UK
  • Get your hands on this fantastic method today and change the way you bet forever.

    ONLY available through the One on One Coaching, this is the original Ripple Method and will keep your betting organised and easy to manage. This will show you how to find Back Bets, Lay Bets and Dutch Bets.

The Ripple Edit

This has been a welcome addition to the Ripple Effect Method UK and really lets you enjoy all the advantages that Betfair brings. You can place all your Back bets in the Win and Place markets with confidence and enjoy the long term gains both bet types bring.

This is very powerful information. In the past, the Back Place bets have gone 35/35 winning bets in a row and if you’ve been paying attention on Twitter lately, you’ll know they’ve just had another fantastic run with 21/21!

The Ripple Methods are all the rage and we’ve had endless enquiries for us to make them available but we’ve decided to keep them exclusive to the One on One Coaching.

No False Claims or Expectations

These bets are easy to find and even easier to place. The liquidity in the Betfair markets let us know we will always be matched, and at real prices – we select and record everything to Betfair Starting Price (a.k.a. BSP).

The method is revealed through a series of documents and videos that will explain each step in detail, allowing you to fully understand the method in a relaxed and easy to follow format.

This method has been carefully researched and if you find you don’t have the time afterwards to log and search the data, we have added ‘The Ripple Updates’ service – a full resulting and researching service sent to you daily.

Make Your Betting Pay

Our passion is to help punters profit from their betting and that is why our methods have been designed to suit everyone.

If you want to make consistent profit from your betting then having The Ripple Methods in your portfolio will do this for you. The days of “topping up” will be a distant memory and you will never look back!

  • The Ripple Edit
  • Sign up for the One on One Coaching and put a smile on your Betfair account forevermore.

    You will receive access to a series of documents and videos that will explain each step in detail, allowing you to fully understand the method in a relaxed and easy to follow format.

The Ripple Extension

The newest addition to our Ripple portfolio performs all year round! This backing method is for use in the Win markets in Betfair for specific UK races. Don’t live in the UK? Don’t worry, these bets can be set on automation to do their thing whether you’re busy at work or asleep in your bed half way around the world!

It is another unique way to play Betfair. Each step is outlined in a PDF and supported with video tutorials to help you understand exactly what is required. You will quickly take in all the information that will help you profit month on month.

The Big Picture

Throughout the site we have services designed for every type of punter – this particular method is for the patient, big picture punter. There will be days when no bets qualify for this method. This is not an instant gratification method. Your aim is to make your profit by the end of each month and to view it annually, no different to putting your cash into a long term deposit at the bank or investing in shares.

Our research shows us that by being patient and disciplined, we obtain a very high return on investment and bottom line.

If you started with a 3,000 bank you would now have a 21,201.00 (up to and including 12/08/2020) bank and you would never have had to top up at any time in the last 17 months, no matter when you came on board, get the picture…?

If you no longer have to top up your betting accounts, then you no longer have a strain on your wallet. You have taken the next steps to understanding how the betting world works and you will be rewarded.

Freedom and Control

You will be able to log all your results and data, allowing you to become your own boss and to be in full control of your betting.

We are also available to help you with anything you don’t understand or need help with. We are a dedicated team at CCB and our aim is to help you make your betting pay. We created these methods to help you win and there is nothing more satisfying to us than seeing you join the elite on Betfair and join the small percentage of people who actually make money.

By getting started on the Ripple Methods you will soon see how easy it is to adopt the right mindset, be disciplined and to have patience, all of which are needed to profit long term. We do this every day and work alongside you, sharing a journey of wealth and satisfaction knowing you are placing real bets to win real money and to turn your betting into an investment and not just a ‘fun money’ game.

Start today and find the Ripple Method that suits your needs and then keep adding until you have the full portfolio. Sign up for the exclusive One on One Coaching and get the real value with all the Ripple Methods included, plus one months FREE access to the very profitable Premium Service.

Whichever way you go about it, you are surrounded by experts ready to help you every step of the way. If you follow us on Twitter you’ll see that our clients are our crew. The main aim is to make sure you are confident, self sufficient and profitable and we are always here to help with all three.

  • The Ripple Extension
  • Get started with The Ripple Extension TODAY!

    You will be able to log all your results and data, allowing you to become your own boss and to be in full control of your betting.

The Ripple Updates

After spending your valuable time and money on the One on One Coaching, we have found that a lot of our clients do not have the time to research and log the data daily, and at your request, we have set up this professional daily service.

For less than £2 a day we’ll take care of the logging for you, freeing up your time to focus on placing your bets and making money!

Each day you will receive:
  • The Ripple Effect Method UK
  • The Ripple Effect Method AUS
  • The Ripple AUS Money Map
  • The Ripple Edit
  • The Ripple Extension

The above will be fully resulted and have the days selections all marked out.

You know how powerful the data is and this will allow you to take full advantage of everything you’ve learnt and get maximum returns from your betting.

Here at CCB we are dedicated to helping you to achieve your goals and together we can help you with this dedicated personal service.

If you are one of the clients who needs that little bit of help from the team sign up TODAY!

  • The Ripple Updates
  • £13.99/week
  • Start receiving your Ripple Updates TODAY.

    Daily updates include:

    The Ripple Effect Method UK, The Ripple Effect Method AUS, The Ripple AUS Money Map, The Ripple Edit, The Ripple Extension.

Get the complete set now to transform you into a better, more successful player!