The Ripple Updates

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The Ripple Updates has been discontinued as a standalone service. This information is now only available in our new and improved PRO TACTICS RACING.

This service is jam-packed with all the bells and whistles so CLICK HERE to check it out!

This service is exclusive to coaching clients and is password protected. Your exclusive password to subscribe to this service is: coach2022

No false claims or expectations

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After spending your valuable time and money One on One Coaching, we have found that a lot of our clients do not have the time to research and log the data daily, and so at your request, we have set up this professional daily service.

For less than £2 a day we’ll take care of the logging for you, freeing up your time to focus on placing your bets and making money!

Each day you will receive:
  • The Ripple Effect Method UK
  • The Ripple Effect Method AUS
  • The Ripple AUS Money Map
  • The Ripple Edit
  • The Ripple Extension

The above will be fully resulted and have the days selections all marked out.

You know how powerful the data is and this will allow you to take full advantage of everything you’ve learnt and get maximum returns from your betting.

Here at CCB we are dedicated to helping you to achieve your goals and together we can help you with this dedicated personal service.

If you are one of the clients who needs that little bit of help from the team sign up TODAY and let us do the work for you – it’s a no brainer!

  • The Ripple Updates
  • £13.99/week
  • Start receiving your Ripple Updates TODAY.

    Daily updates include:

    The Ripple Effect Method UK, The Ripple Effect Method AUS, The Ripple AUS Money Map, The Ripple Edit, The Ripple Extension.

Get the complete set now to transform you into a better, more successful player!