In 25 years plus of looking for a profitable investment vehicle this is the best hands down. Many thanks again for your help and support. I am amazed how well I am doing and I know if I stick to my target, within 12-15 months I will have a stake that will be able to change my life forever.

It has been insane! I have ever been a part of something that has delivered these types of results congrats to everyone involved at Crystal Clear Betting. You and your team should be congratulated coach, the service you provide is 2nd to none and looking forward to the next adventure!

Thank you for the great week of information it has helped re-enforce some areas and given me another method to my armoury. I never believed I would make any money from horses but you have helped me over the year to have my first £1,000+ month in August, so this combined with my football trading has easily beaten my old Corporate salary for which I spent far too many months away from my family and some very long hours and for this I will be forever grateful.

Vanessa has been a big help getting me set up. I’ve been very impressed with the simplicity of placing the bets. I only initially joined up for the one month of lays as I needed to know that it suited me. I have now upgraded and will stick to my bet sizes and see how I go with a view to get some coaching down the track if things turn out nicely. Excited to be on board, I really love my betting and I look forward to it being profitable.

I signed up for the 30 day coaching with Roy as an inexperienced punter. Over the course of the 30 days, we covered everything a punter needs to know, especially mindset and data collection. These are the missing ingredients for most punters.

After the 30 days I would describe myself as professional in both my approach and mindset and this has changed my betting forever. Sign up and it will change yours too.

The one on one coaching provides a unique experience giving you the opportunity to learn and pick the brain of a very successful punter. Opening up different betting methods that the majority would never consider, the coaching teaches you the power of data and more importantly, how to organise and interpret it in an easy manner.

Most punters will not actively seek to improve their betting methods, but if you can outlay money now to turn yourself from a losing punter into a winner, the coaching service is priceless!

For many years I have always been looking for an edge with my betting – I have been on many courses and joined many betting sites over nearly 20 years. The two things I have found is 1. Your betting accounts will get restricted and 2.Especially on trading courses, you only ever get to find out what they want you to know and not what you want to know (even from the most renowned).

That is where Roy and his site differ so much. I have been a part of Roy’s tribe for many years, long before the current site was devised. I can look back at hundreds of emails I’ve sent and I got a reply to every single one, not just when we were on a winning run but also when there were tiny dips, which is sometimes when you really need advice.

I’m sure he has forgotten more than I’ll ever know about betting but I am making money so he must be good. It is the perfect betting site for the perfect betting platform and you never get restricted. So all I can say being from Yorkshire is “fill your boots!”

I stumbled across RT on Twitter claiming that he had winner after winner on almost a daily basis, some of the odds he was throwing out there I was like “is this guy for real?”

I went on following for a little while & had a horrible run punting where the bank got swallowed up from either chasing or poor investments. From that day I thought something has to change & boy oh boy did it change!

First thing I did was check out the CCB website to get a guide of what RT was about. It was intriguing and it didn’t give too much away. I was sick of losing & knew something had to change so I jumped in and invested in the 30 day coaching course, not really knowing what to expect.

From day one I was like WOW this guy has so much knowledge & the amount of detail he has available I need to give everything to what he has to teach me over this coming month. I would say some days were tough as I was working full time as well but when you want something bad enough you truly find time for it.

I knew about Betfair but not to this detail & how to set up proper record keeping that can be filtered & what prices to aim for, profit, strike rates, etc, etc. every day was new and exciting. Once the course finished I went and back dated some of the data I received during my training that has now got over 7,200 races of information. Truly incredible compared to what I had previously. I can filter an entire race day in a matter of minutes and it can tell me where and when to invest.

I’ve now started to apply what I learnt to not just horse racing but other sports & investing other ways to grow what I’ve learnt from RT.

It’s been almost 8 months since I finished & making an investment into what I enjoy doing the most & seeing the potential it is now brining is the best thing I reckon I’ve ever done for myself.

Best bit of advice I’d have if you’re thinking about doing the course or following the CCB website selections jump in with BOTH FEET!

Thank you for an incredible day. I’ve made more profit than I imagined!

I just finished your course. It is simply fantastic, exactly what I was looking for!

Many thanks Roy, been a pleasure! I will be adopting a lot of these teachings going forward & hopefully can become more successful in my betting.

Today was Day 20 of the course and I've been really impressed by it so far. It's a hell of a learning curve! That said it is sinking in and making a lot of sense.

In my first 28 days on my own after the training I’ve made back the investment for the training back & made that amount again in profit.

Still can’t believe what this data puts out on a daily basis. Ripple has been a gem of a product!

Some good news for me, I have had my first £1,000 profit month this month on the UK nags, thanks for this!

It has been a great month and I’ve learnt quite a bit. It was a great opportunity to critical review my staking and approach and I really do like the system that you’ve brought together.

You never stand still or rest on your laurels. What a superb business model you operate! Always thinking of how best you can benefit your clients, excellent.

Thanks again for all your help over the last few weeks, £500 is a pittance for what you deliver!

This is highly recommended. It will make you re-assess your punting progress; the course will open up more opportunities to profit than you can possibly imagine.

I must admit with the data available to you this is sooo easy...! I select 3-5 per day & just make nice consistent profits on B2L, L2B & low in-play trades. Thanks Guys & Gals!

I love it – kid in a sweet shop – your methods – life changing! Can’t say thank you enough!

I'm currently up over £1,000 so for that I want to personally say thank you. That's covered the cost of the course already and for the first time I feel positive about my betting in the future.

I'm currently up over £1,000 so for that I want to personally say thank you. That's covered the cost of the course already and for the first time I feel positive about my betting in the future.

Many thanks for opening my eyes to this new way of looking at things!

With yesterdays clean sweep I have made my monthly target profit on day 7!

Thanks again for the course; answering my questions, opening my eyes and setting me on the right path to success.

Class day, you legend! Keep days like that coming again and again please!

It’s a long overdue holiday for me and my wife... it’s nice to know its paid for from my investment.

This method (Ripple Edit) is a pure money spinner - show me a bank giving these returns? #YouCan’t

It was 1 year ago today that I started my fantastic journey on horse racing. Before then I had never really made any money but thanks to the support of @CCBCoach and @CCBetting2018 that has all changed. I still get the support I need even today when I had a question.

It’s a great course and you are an excellent teacher with a contagious enthusiasm for your work.

None of the results I’m achieving would be possible without the training from @CCBCoach the training changes the way u look at investing in horse racing & the ideas & concepts are truly brilliant. 4 Winning months in a row since I finished & this month I’ve already hit my October target!

The last 30 days has been a blast, I have gone from blind betting to being more organised - disciplined with a structured bank and staking plan.

I'm very excited by what I've learnt so far and how I can take it into the future. I wouldn't dream of looking at betting any other way now.

Thanks very much for the past month, I've learnt a lot. Onwards & Upwards now!

I can’t believe how successful your system is… Welcome to the 0.5% most successful customers.

I have been concentrating on The Ripple Effect Method UK and have now finished my first month and hit my target of 30% increase on bank. I did this on day 25 but only made the decision to use a target at around day 20 - if I had started the month using it would have hit it on day 6!

The team has been 110% amazing they are so incredibly professional and helpful from day 1. It’s an incredible service that I think all punters wannabe investors need to get the training provided by @CCBCoach & @CCBetting2018 team.

Change the way you bet forever!