The Betfair AUS Tipster Challenge!

The Betfair AUS Tipster Challenge!

Can Tipsters Make Money…? This is a big question for which punters have many opinions!

I have the luxury of seeing both sides of the coin as I have punters and tipsters as clients that I have been working with for several years.

Caan Berry and Peter Webb are two well-known contributors to the YouTube betting world and have both posted videos giving their opinions and findings on the subject and after finding these, I decided to do a live take on Twitter last week using the free tipsters from Betfair Australia.

Why sports betting tips from tipsters cannot be trusted! – YouTube

I Bet on Horse Racing Tips for 30 Days – Betting Challenge – YouTube

Being based in Australia I enjoy a good relationship with Betfair down under. I’m a great believer in data and use the Betfair Starting Price (BSP) as my point for results. Betfair Australia have taken the time to find and use “Tipsters” to help their clients find some winners. This of course is an awfully hard task and I thought I would investigate a few key areas.

Peter’s clear opinion is that you don’t need a tipster as they don’t give you the right information. Working with so many clients over the years, I know that this is not true when you find the right service. The people providing these services are now putting a lot of time in and are giving as much information as possible. They are digging a lot deeper than a simple model showing ‘back above this price’ or ‘lay below this price’…we all know the market is a lot sharper than that!

Caan took the time to follow Mr holding who has been around for a long time now and is a steady service and who is sponsored by a few people in the betting world. Caan found that you could make money, but a few hurdles were put in the way.


Tipster Challenge!

Every day on twitter you see the Betfair Australia banners popping up showing areas that they have a selection in, so I followed their Horse Racing tips and tallied their results to see how they stacked up!

Betfair boasted Strategies, Selections, Staking and Bank Management in their tweets but this was the usual clickbait as you only received selections with numbers after their name. A bit of work to be done here for the team…gone are the days of people dividing their betting account by 100…


Day One

Betfair had 5 experts and 5 lay bettors on duty giving their selections for the day.

We got a lot of bet types and races to get involved in and they ended up -1.05 Units.

The lay bettors gave profit and two out of five experts enjoyed positive gains. It was interesting to see that some chose to play at the sharp end of the market and others were happy to put up bigger priced selections.


Day Two

Betfair put up 3 experts and 2 lay bettors. The lay bettors went 100% with one out of two experts winning on the day.

Devonport gave us a busy day and ended up throwing us a nice +8.05 Units profit. This put them into profit which is always a great feeling and superb for your mindset and confidence!

The day ended + 6.23 Units


Day Three

A poor day for the boys and they have wiped out their profit!

You will always have variance and it is essential to understand how that long-term graph will look. In one of the YouTube videos, you will see a LONG negative period before eventually hitting the front and gaining momentum. This must be considered in your betting and will stand you in good stead over time. If you understand how the betting world works and how the profits arrive the success will follow.

Today ended with a -7.24 deficit and the running total is now -2.06


Day Four

The beginning of Royal Ascot 2022!

We had one expert to follow, and boy did he get it right finishing the day up +17.26 units!

It was cleverly worked out with a few different bet types, one being remove the Favourite. This can work for you, but if the selection beats the favourite, you can miss some big numbers.

A great first day at the festival and at this point you can start to bet in comfort with a lot less pressure on your starting bank.

Their running total is now up to +15.20 Units.


Day Five

Betfair made it a busy day and so the lack of bank management and direction is a bit hard for the normal punter. If you are new to the betting world, you may be tempted to vary stakes instead of developing a plan or strategy. Some of the tipsters would put some big numbers up for points to bet and this would intimidate the newbies.

5 experts played and the profits grew by +30.61 units with ‘Strathalbyn’ being our best friend!

One important thing I tend to look at is if they play the front of the market. If they do, they must be selective and not just find bets/make bets qualify and it’s obvious within the bunch who does this.

There is one I would have no hesitation following as the research is done well and is very efficient. He will only put up a few bets and you can expect them to go very close. 5 Days into this challenge I expect that he will be in profit by the end of this.

After 5 days their running total is now +45.81 units.


Day Six

We are off and running now and Betfair have three experts to follow however they have an off day.

So, we had a superb start at Royal Ascot and then gave it all back…!

At this point they now have the luxury of playing with profits – you must understand that in the backing and laying world we will have losing days. This is not high strike rate trading – we know that different tipsters have different strike rates and once again by knowing your tipster you will soon know when to expect the profits. You have so many things to build into your betting it’s very important you have a plan so look back on your results and use them as the perfect guide to eliminate errors. Your aim is long-term, and you must give your tipster a chance!

6 Days in and they end up -7.16 units.


Day Seven

The boys are sitting in the counting house today! This is one of those days when everything seems easy!

IT MEANS YOUR TIPSTER DID EVERYTHING FOR YOU WITH SOLID RESEARCH and this cannot be underestimated. He has just given you a dream day to add to your profitable week so far. The end total is +25.47 and it consisted of nearly all BACK BETS gaining the value of Betfair Starting Price.

When you get accustomed to the power Betfair SP gives you, it will eliminate all the bickering of the restrictions and limitations you receive from bookies. Caan highlights this in his video with crazy restriction to 1.00 stakes!

Take control of your betting and organise your Betfair account so it suits you. Bookies dictating to punters will eventually backfire and their power will go. I can already see the TV campaigns and adverts starting in Australia, but it will be too little too late and the previous treatment of customers will bite.

Our running total after seven days is a staggering +64.12 units.

This is enormous if a bank is set up properly and a staking plan is in operation!


Day Eight

Betfair Saturdays are always a busy day and the experts worked hard for their followers.

The Tipster I mentioned on day 5 was once again hitting his mark and remained 100% for the day.

There were 6 experts and they were rewarded with another monster +11.92 units at Royal Ascot!

Saturday ended +19.99 units so everyone was happy!


Day Nine

A disaster day for the boys and they get roasted losing -21 units! Ouch.

I was going to run this experiment for the whole of June, but I think we have enough evidence to get the idea.

After 9 days we have had 7 lay bettors who gave a profit (if you are a layer, you could patiently follow their picks). We also had 7 experts… I think Betfair will monitor performances, and these will chop and change. You can also see styles of some that won’t change, that are dated and won’t work over time…

As I said, the shrewdie ended in profit due to the work he put in, plus he also enjoys life, so it looks like he’s got the balance spot on!

There were three top performances out of the group and worth a second look to see if they make profit long term. Take your time and I think with all the help available you could easily become profitable.

The first step is to stop losing, steady the ship and then enjoy the profits. It won’t fall into your lap – you need to make many decisions and it will take you time. Bank, Bet Types, Staking and finding the time to bet and keep results. If you don’t have time to bet, you don’t have time to win.

Be organised, be disciplined, and have a betting plan. Get to know your tipster and you will quickly find what suits you. In the present day there are numerous people dedicated to their service or services and by using all the information available on YOUTUBE, Twitter and websites there are plenty out there that will help and share solid information with you.

If you want to learn, there are no excuses!

Well done to all the people who gave up their precious time to pick selections, post selections and contribute to the betting world of YOUTUBE. It’s always great to see how things work and to see how some people just simply bet to probability…These guys are not tipsters and will forever be on the “Blackpool Big Dipper”!

Betfair Australia FREE Horse Racing Tips

Provided by numerous tipsters

Nine Days + 63.11 Units AFTER COMMISSIONS


So, it looks like Caan gets one over on Peter this time!



We’ve done all the hard yards and the ups and downs along the way could not have been envisaged. With our life experience of betting behind us, we know our services are right for anyone who wants to turn their betting into a profitable experience.