The Next Level

The Next Level

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever become a Betting Coach! Especially seeing as I’d never heard of one in all my years of being a punter. But by helping other people overcome their inner demons it has shown me how many small things hold people back from being successful at their betting.

When I started to identify these points I found that every bettor is different – they have different views on risk level and what direction their betting should go, on what is “a lot of money” and what they perceive to be “value”. I work with them to clarify and simplify every aspect of their betting and adding in the motivational side to the conversation has really helped improved my client’s ability to win.

Anyone can sit down on a Saturday and pick a runner from the front four in the betting and get lucky, but this means that some Saturdays you will finish up ‘King’ and others the ‘Village Idiot’. Without a plan this process will keep repeating until you end up back at zero or even less.


The Most Common Pitfall

In the beginning I wanted to listen, advise and motivate – most punters actually win with their strategies but simply don’t give them enough time to work.

If most players set their bank and allowed their approach to work they would find that given a chance it would. If you set up a bank and have a staking plan you must use both to their full advantage. There is no point in stopping after the first bad run or you will constantly end up back at square one. Understand what is unfolding in front of you and build your confidence – and yes you may need to change a few things but give it time to work.

It is very similar to signing up for a tipping service and expecting to win with every bet – it simply won’t happen. You must have a plan, set a bank with a realistic staking plan and give it time to profit.


What was My Plan?

My original idea for my clients was to build an unbeatable method for Laying horses using Betfair SP. I wanted to lay to liability and show punters how it worked and just how powerful it could be. Laying is one of the hardest ways to bet because your mindset is constantly tested and tested to the limit! This is why I started to teach probability, strike rate, odds and return on investment. It clearly displayed at an early stage just how the book was made up and I found so many people thought this was double dutch! By understanding the odds you’re able to understand your exact chance of winning, which makes it easier to understand losing runs, which are inevitable in this game.


Your First Bet

If you’ve followed us for a while or even read my other posts you would have heard about The Ripple Effect Methods, one of which is The Ripple UK – a proven Betfair method that has stood the test of time, something that you can trust and have confidence in every bet you place. Within seven days you are ready to place your first bet. It keeps you organised and focussed and lays the foundation for a successful starting point. All the information is there for you to set your starting bank, have a staking plan and control your risk knowing exactly what you are likely to encounter along the way.

You will become confident and move quickly onto your second bet type. The human mind is not set to lay bet and this is why The Ripple UK is a great place to start. You will quickly see the advantages and suddenly you have a method with every other horse in the race working for you and you will benefit from the edge you now have.

Teaching a profitable method is very satisfying and the clients that have taken it forward are very much on their way to being profitable and hitting all the targets and peaks as they go.


Next on the Agenda

With Betfair being so accessible for everyone it’s not long before you want to move on and the immediate progression from laying is the other side of the coin: backing. If you have one method running after the third week you will be laying in the Win Market, backing in the Win Market and backing in the Place Market. The Ripple Edit was designed solely for fancied selections and gives you a superb strike rate which is a constant mindset pleaser.

You have a selection process that is methodical and you play in the same areas time and time again with your profit and loss growing and growing. Once again this backing method has stood the test of time and when you set your bank you won’t look back! In between times you will understand all the small points that are addressed in the 30 day course.

I wanted to give clients something as well as teach them something and without the basics you simply don’t have anything. You need to know some simple maths, motivation and result keeping skills.


A Winning Combination

I then decided to build something that targeted the nice priced winners. The strike rate would not be high and this would test your mindset and bank management. If you manage all of your methods with authority you will quickly find out just how easy it is to win. If you cannot accept a losing run it will be difficult for you to enjoy the winning ones.  The Ripple Extension shows you just how a low strike rate works and how your bank should be set. It gives the backing side of your portfolio a strong hand of bet types.

By using Betfair SP it has made bet placement a lot easier and you get the exact same results as everyone else. By doing this you will replicate the results and success that the Ripples enjoy.


Easy as Pie

Of course I’m excited when clients come through and take the Ripple Methods forward in one way or another, but I did find some people didn’t have the time to do the work. This was remedied by providing The Ripple Updates and they have been a roaring success! Nearly all of my coaching clients are signed up – every day you simply log in and get ALL the Ripple Methods updated with the days selections clearly marked.

This will outperform nearly any tipping service annually and has already been a game changer for many of my clients. The 30 day course really lets you understand the betting industry and how it works and now for the price of a daily cup of coffee you can receive every method clearly set out and resulted. You get the complete portfolio of UK racing bet types and you are in full control.


Progressing through the Ranks

One on One Coaching: Complete the 30 day course, take it all on board and implement what you learn. Start slowly and build up until you become a confident and positive bettor. The beauty of the course is you have all the information and you can go over it time and time again at your own leisure.

The Ripple Updates: A simple but powerful service to keep you up to date and on track with your Ripple Methods.

Coaching Plus: The coaching course was designed to help you understand exactly what you should be doing and when you complete it you may need to visit me in the Coaching Plus for a week where I will help guide you through anything betting related you’d like to work on.

A number of clients join me for simple motivation and this takes away the lonely life a punter leads! It also fine tunes any aspects of your betting that you may be struggling with and you can sign up for this service as many times as you like!

Inner Circle: Profit share joint venture (invitation only).

VIP: When you reach VIP status you will have everything finely tuned and will have been through the mill! You will understand exactly what it takes to become a pro punter and you bet alongside me. You will have become a profitable player with discipline and patience. You will also know every bet type that you like or dislike and will apply all your new skills into winning time and time again, year after year.

Not many people in this industry share real information and that’s one thing I set out to do. The site has been very successful to date and now has a strong set of methods that have been shared exclusively with our clients. I am dedicated to each and every one of you by getting you to the stage that you can clearly achieve.


Take Control

If you have completed the coaching my strong advice to you is to get The Ripple Updates – set your bank to the methods that suit your style and keep progressing until you join me in the VIP. I can assure you the journey will be exciting and you will know very quickly if you have the time and discipline to really make your betting pay. I look forward to all of my clients progressing through the ranks and taking their betting to the next level!




We’ve done all the hard yards and the ups and downs along the way could not have been envisaged. With our life experience of betting behind us, we know our services are right for anyone who wants to turn their betting into a profitable experience.