The Punter/Quant Marriage!

The Punter/Quant Marriage!

I was so impressed by my first date with the Quants and their way of thinking that I extended their stay to FIVE days and decided to put my data to the test. When I say my data I’m referring to an area of my data that is not maximised. These guys loved it as I had it well organised and nicely packaged.

After their first day’s work where they brought home a 7.62 point profit I wanted to dig deeper. I also decided to look at every bet and withhold the price restrictions. That took their first day to +8.02 points AFTER Betfair commissions. Looking at a method or strategy, I feel that if it wins to level staking there will nearly always be something there.

I knew from the data that there was a simple, easy to follow plan to be had and this is the start of that journey. I knew by back testing it had performed and I knew by cross checking previous bets as I went along it was powerful information – now is the time to dedicate a space to it. The beauty is that it works on the UK and Aussie racing and suits the Punter’s mindset.

Day 2 allowed us to lay bet at Southwell and Newcastle on the All Weather and Fakenham over the Jumps. The day ended +0.22 points from 21 bets.

Day 3 took us to Lingfield and Wolverhampton on the All Weather and Doncaster over the Jumps and this returned +3.31 points from 20 bets.

Day 4 we moved onto Caulfield and Rosehill in Australia and this gleamed +4.91 Points from 15 bets and then straight into Lingfield and Kempton on the All Weather and Doncaster over the Jumps in the UK returning +4.26 points from 24 races.

Day 5 was the last day they could put up with me but the pattern was now obvious and we travelled to Wolverhampton on the All Weather. We earned a very respectable +7.60 points from 8 bets.


Summary results and chart below


Session Q1 P & L Q2 P & L Q1 Races Q2 Races Q1 Q2 Total
1 1.37 6.65 7 7 1.37 6.65 8.02
2 -3.53 3.75 10 11 -2.16 10.40 8.24
3 6.72 -3.41 11 9 4.56 6.99 11.55
4 2.29 2.62 4 11 6.85 9.61 16.46
5 -2.40 6.66 12 12 4.45 16.27 20.72
6 5.70 1.90 6 2 10.15 18.17 28.32


We had Quant 1 with a strike rate of 68% and Quant 2 with a strike rate of 86.54%! If I was looking at a backing method these would be superb results!! The return on investment (ROI) is running around the same for each as Q1 has less liability to our lay bets. Level staking brought profits as I knew they would – the data has always been there but unused!

This bet type shows up clearly in Model 2 of the Ripple UK and the Ripple AUS. It is easy to navigate to and even easier to follow and bet. I already have a few on it from the first blog in the Coaching Plus


Add Ons

The other stand out to me was the ease in which it went in front each day. This opens up another simple plan to stop when you reach 1 point. Over the 6 sessions (Australia & UK Saturday) it only failed once and the chart below shows how that looks (again with minimal fuss or bets). This is the type of method I use for the wages, coffee or groceries.

A very easy +9.95 points without any chasing or loss recovery and aiming for 1 point profit from each quant day by day.

This was a very enjoyable 5 days and will continue from now on with a theme and staking plan. This will allow 4 banks to produce and grow and it will be interesting to see if it can maintain its momentum.

The data being used is very accurate and precise and that’s why there is so much confidence behind it. I only needed to put the time aside and kick it off and it has been great working with the up and coming bettors with a completely different attitude and outlook to the old cloth cap brigade.

The betting world is moving very quickly and the market place is very tight. You would think finding a bet and placing it would be easy…you would be correct if you lose, but when you join the elite the doors are quickly bolted shut and Betfair becomes the main place to bet. The bookies will entice you with all sorts of promotions but as soon as you win it’s all over and that’s why I will see you all soon at Betfair if you are serious about your betting!

Make sure you use every piece of information out there and always pay attention to the guys who know what they are talking about on Twitter or social media. Good knowledge is worth its weight in gold and when you put the puzzle together you will soon find the profits flowing.

The betting world is like an apprenticeship and you need to serve your time before you become a tradesman. There are a lot of “Jack of all trades, master of none” out there so take the time to learn your craft and turn into a sensible, profitable punter – after all you owe it to your wallet!



We’ve done all the hard yards and the ups and downs along the way could not have been envisaged. With our life experience of betting behind us, we know our services are right for anyone who wants to turn their betting into a profitable experience.