Have you just gone through another year trying your hand at Betfair only to find your account empty yet again?

You’re sitting in your living room with all the racing channels on and you are forever saying to yourself: “I would lay that!” – That’s until you do of course and it romps home and cleans you out.

Punters don’t realise that Betfair is one of the most aggressive arenas you will ever wade into. The sharks are circling, just waiting to swallow you up and I’m talking from experience. I’ve been swallowed, chewed up and spat out about 4 times over the past decade and it ain’t pretty!

If I had known then (what I know now)”


This old adage is so poignant in this business. I would have saved myself a lot of money and understood what I was supposed to be doing – Learning probability, how to stake, odds, record keeping, mindset, discipline, patience and how to build your own data. It’s all priceless.

To survive on Betfair you need an edge. Among other things, building data can give you that edge and this has been one of the most popular elements of my coaching. It now let’s you shout: “I would lay that!” but this time the only reply is the sound of your Betfair account increasing, Ka-Ching!

If you’re keen, dedicated and you want to succeed, a coach will show you how to do it and you can then place every bet with confidence.

My coaching clients are doing things they never thought of doing before now. They are exploring different concepts and applying different techniques to gain the upper hand and they’re succeeding at a rapid rate! With the Premium Service included in the Coaching, we navigate so many different types of betting and identify all the pitfalls that most punters unfortunately just keep falling into.

Gambling is like Golf


My wife always uses the analogy that gambling is like golf: Most people just buy a bag of shiny new clubs and start swinging away, but they aren’t very good players really – imagine how great they’d be if they had lessons and a coach?!

It’s so obvious if you think about it – All of the greats in any area of life whether it be sport or business, etc. had someone show them the ropes, train them, encourage them and get the best out of them to maximise their performance and potential. That’s what I do for my clients.

So I don’t think you can really put a figure on something that stops you from losing your hard earned cash every week…Learning how to bet properly is an incredible thing and when you master it, it will change the way you bet forever and change your life too.

What’s your New Year resolution…?

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