What is the Ripple Method?

What is the Ripple Method?

Well there are actually a few of them and collectively they are known as The Ripple Effect Methods. They were created to help normal punters understand just what it takes to research data, take a methodical approach to their betting and put a strategy in place to profit regularly.

These methods specialise in Horse Racing and we focus on both the UK and Australian racing.

Like ripples on the water, our methods begin in one place and then expand and multiply; the possibilities are endless and our clients love them!

These unique methods allow you to implement:

  • Probability
  • Strike Rate
  • Staking
  • Bank Management
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Mindset
  • Discipline
  • Patience

They allow you to have a betting portfolio that you control.


The Ripple UK

This method is one of the only profitable long term laying methods that can be used on the Betfair exchange platform. It allows you to find and lay selections on a daily basis to give you a strong edge as it identifies value. You have the option of lay betting to Liability or lay betting to Level Stakes.

The Ripple UK has a very strong dedicated laying section and also gives you the luxury of using additional data. This data has proven to be worth its weight in gold and you can quickly identify numerous other Backing, Laying and Dutching methods.

The Ripple UK is the perfect start point if you want to make your betting pay. It has stood the test of time and on its own is a ready-made betting plan with specialised bet types chosen for you. The flagship of the Ripples this method is essential if you want to learn how to Lay Bet and Dutch Bet properly.

The Ripple Edit

The second string to your betting bow, this method was developed for players who like to play at the sharp end of the market. You won’t get any big priced winners in here but you will get an incredible strike rate and constant return. It places bets in the Win and Place market to Betfair SP and PSP and is never far from the mark. The Place side of this method is another niche for the portfolio and will see your account in profit year in, year out. The Place bets have been known to go on large winning runs and this gives you numerous ways to place your bets.

The Ripple Extension

We are very selective with this method and when it decides to join in the return on investment is superb. It’s a backing method for the Win market and it targets bigger priced selections. Patience is key to this one and you can even turn it seasonal and follow the codes.

In the UK we have the Flat, All Weather and Jumps season and it’s clear from the data when you should play. Used properly this is a very strong methodical approach to hitting nice priced winners. You need to understand your strike rates for this one and it’s all well covered when you join the team at CCB. This compliments the other Ripples and gives you the final piece to the jigsaw.

The Ripple AUS

This is one of the favourite data sets we have and targets the main race days on a Wednesday and Saturday in Australia. It will show you how to identify favourites and roughies – you will find a bet type you enjoy and that suits your betting plan.

The big money spinner from the Ripple AUS is our unique “Money Map”. We show you where to play and how to search for the winners. This is a very powerful tool and has given our Aussie players constant returns. This is not confined to our Australian clients however – we have a large following from all over the world who have completed the coaching course and who now bet on the Australian racing using this information.

The Ripple Updates

Once you have completed the course and have taken in all the information you will be disciplined and ready to go and that’s why we created the ‘Updates’. This service gives you EVERY Ripple method for the price of a daily cup of coffee. All your data carefully marked out with the days selections clearly identified for every qualifying bet. This is one of our most popular services as we do all the leg work for you. We only record results to Betfair SP and PSP so there are never any inaccuracies or false claims. We also do the results less commissions so you can see the end figures and the real profits.

With so much power and information at your fingertips the Ripple Effect Methods have been a great innovation – something you can trust and that will stay consistent and transparent. You can only get these exclusive methods through the One on One Coaching Course and with the other added benefits within the course we know you will improve your betting the minute you wrap up the jam-packed 30 days.

It’s simple – The Ripple Effect Methods will help change the way you bet forever!


We’ve done all the hard yards and the ups and downs along the way could not have been envisaged. With our life experience of betting behind us, we know our services are right for anyone who wants to turn their betting into a profitable experience.