Winning Ways!

Winning Ways!

With the invention of the internet and emergence of social media, tipping services for Horse Racing are a dime a dozen! It can be a total minefield to try and find the right one that a) Wins on a regular basis and b) Suits the type of punter you are.

We wanted to get the balance right between Profit and Loss, Return on Investment, Strike Rate, Stake Size and Bank Size and with 4 years of client satisfaction under our belt, we reckon we’ve got it sussed! So, here’s everything you need to know about our tipping services…



Pony Up

Some people like short prices, whereas some like the bigger prices. Finding your risk level and bet type is easy. If you hide your face behind your hands every time you place a bet, then that bet type is not for you! If you place a bet from your designated bank and staking plan and let your profits grow, then add that bet type to your profitable portfolio.

Winning is easy if you take your time and focus.

Bet Types

  • Level Dutch
  • Traditional Dutch
  • Dutch Fav & 2nd Fav
  • Back Win
  • Back Place



Up The Ante

Lay betting is an art and adopting the right mindset is essential! It’s more of a controlled and steady growth, as opposed to getting the big-priced winners from backing. We have three bet types and having a long-term goal and plan and we will help you master the art of laying.

Bet Types

  • Lay Win to Liability
  • Lay level Win
  • In Play Lay Level Win


Each day the members area is populated with the day’s selections – if there are no qualifying selections you will simply see a “No Bets Qualify Today” message.

The selections are uploaded before 9am GMT.

The information given for each race is very clear and straightforward:

Date: Day of event

Time: Event start time

Race Number: Race card order

Track: Event location

Selection: Bet Identity

Staking Units: Our recommended stake (Optional)

Advised BSP: The price we recommend you play at (Optional)


If you’d like an idea of how these services and bet types have been performing, simply go to the Results section on the site where every bet type has been individualised. You can take some strong information from this area:

  • Profit & Loss in single units.
  • Return on Investment for every bet placed to date.
  • Strike Rate allowing you to know exactly what to expect and how the winners arrive.
  • You can also see a performance to 30.00 & 100.00 stakes and only you know what you can afford.
  • Bank Size lets you see what we recommend you should have to start, and this is done to a basic 1-unit stake from the bank advised.

We have done this to help you hit the ground running!

If you are experienced, you can set your bank and staking plan and if not, you can use our advice. The Strike Rate is superb for realistic returns and let’s say a Strike Rate of 33.00% is displayed this means you are getting 33 Winners to 67 losers in every 100 bets. This will have variance of course and this should be your realistic aim.

When you get into the nitty gritty and know what your bet type does you will accept it and grow with your betting account with constant returns.


Let’s dig a little deeper

Level Dutch

This bet type is unique and we have spent years mastering and developing it. We use and for this bet type and you can use to automate it if you don’t have time to be at your PC or on your phone. We always recommend you give your betting the full respect and attention it needs – one of our sayings is “If you don’t have time to bet, you don’t have time to win!”

For this unique bet type, we place our bets in the order of Betfair Starting Price and this is only decided when the race jumps – this bet type is very much ‘risk for rewards’. When you master the race start and get used to finding the big-priced winners, your account will explode! This bet type needs your full attention and if you give it that, you will be rewarded!

Each selection receives 1 full unit and therefore it is named a Level (staked) Dutch bet.

  • Selection 1: Favourite. Odds 3.75. Stake 1 Unit.
  • Selection 2: 4th Odds 8.00. Stake 1 Unit.
  • Selection 3: 8th Odds 24.00. Stake 1 Unit.

Your stake would be 3 Units and we obviously want the 24.00 selection to win!

This is how a Level Dutch bet works.


Traditional Dutch

We have a nice jump in strike rate with this bet type and we are aiming to bet on the favourite and 2nd favourite combined to win the same amount if either selection goes on to win the race.

This is a typical example if you were playing to 100.00 stakes.

The favourite would receive 54.82 @ 3.75 Odds.

The 2nd favourite would receive 45.18 @ 4.55 Odds.

Your outlay is 100.00 and you would win 105.57 if either selection wins giving you a 105.57% return on investment.

You adjust your stake to match you bank size and staking plan.

This is how a Traditional Dutch bet works.


Dutch Fav & 2nd Fav

This bet works in the exact same way as the Level Dutch bet except this time, we only concentrate on backing the favourite or 2nd favourite.

This is a new addition to the bet types and the service.


Back Win & Back Place

These are the good old fashioned back bets where you simply place a bet on the selection and look for it to win or place depending on the market and bet type you have chosen. Set your bank and get started and give your plan time to work.

Use the information in the resulting area to get yourself familiar with past results. These bets will nearly always be at the front end of the market.


Lay Win to Liability

When you set out in the betting world you will quickly come across “experts” in the Laying field…We will tell you right now we have seen many come and go! We play to Betfair Starting Price – we have a strategy and are methodical in our approach. We stick by our rules and we continue to excel and profit. We have vast databases on Lay betting and we are very particular where we play. If a bet does not qualify, we will not force it. We also play at the pointy end of the market, so we are always taking on the big guns or the so-called experts. They obviously get their days however we aim to win long term and month on month, and this is our goal.

When we win, we can re-invest, withdraw our profits or up our stakes – the choice is yours! Rewarding yourself is always good and a great way to settle your mindset. We want discipline and patience in the Laying world and this is an essential area for the long-term investor!

Liability betting is unique so here are two examples just to make clear exactly what we are trying to achieve.


Lay Win to Liability

Example 1:

  • Selection: 2.65 Odds.
  • Liability 100.00. The amount at risk.
  • Selection wins the race. Lose 100.00 Liability
  • Selection loses the race Liability 100.00 divided by Odds-1. Win 100/1.65 = 60.60 Less Betfair commission.

Example 2:

  • Selection: 1.45 Odds.
  • Liability 100.00. The amount at risk.
  • Selection wins the race. Lose 100.00 Liability
  • Selection loses the race Liability 100.00 divided by Odds-1. Win 100/0.45 = 222.22 Less Betfair commission.

With Liability Laying, the lower the price, the bigger the returns!

This is how a Lay Win to Liability bet works.


Lay Level Win

This form of Lay betting is a bit more expensive when you lose and therefore it’s very important to have a plan and set some parameters. We do not want to give away value or our edge, so we set out advised prices – we will always recommend a ceiling price to Lay bet to. Here are another few examples.

Example 1:

  • Selection: 2.65 Odds.
  • Stake 100.00.
  • Selection wins the race. We Lose the stake 100.00 multiplied by the odds -1. 100 X 1.65 Deficit -165.00
  • Selection loses the race we win our stake 100.00 Less Betfair commission.

Example 2:

  • Selection: 1.45 Odds.
  • Stake 100.00.
  • Selection wins the race. We Lose the stake 100.00 multiplied by the odds -1. 100 X 0.45 Deficit -45.00
  • Selection loses the race we win our stake 100.00 Less Betfair commission.

Example 3:

  • Selection: 5.00 Odds.
  • Stake 100.00.
  • We have advised 4.70 Betfair Starting Price or Below.
  • We do not place a bet as the odds are too high!

You will find that there is a big difference between Liability Laying and Level Laying and you should understand the difference before you start. The Return on Investment is always an excellent way to see the difference in both and if you play at the lower priced end of the market, the Liability will usually always be double the Level Laying over time.


In-Play Lay Level Win

With our increasing following, a lot of clients want to learn how to Lay ‘In Play’. We search the data daily and can identify the low in-running price that gives us a solid return and regular winning bets. In the daily information we advise this price, and this bet can be placed using Betfair. When you place the bet, simply use the KEEP button and Betfair will do the rest! When the race goes In-Play, it will remain live and will be matched if the selection hits our price. The selection can of course go on to win the race, but our research shows an excellent Return on Investment overtime.

This is a very popular bet and with an exit point you have a set rule. Like every Lay bet, make sure you understand how the Betfair exchange works and make sure you set your bank.

If the selection is below the advised price at the off, we would simply take that price.



Quite often a Lay bet can hit a big price in running and still come back to win. Our research shows that only the “big” odds are worth doing. – 600 or 900 for small stakes. You can cover your Lay bet loss, or you can set a small stake. This has proven to be very profitable in the past and can work as a type of “insurance”.

This information should help you choose the area that you want to play in. Stay focused and disciplined and give your betting the respect and time it deserves – you are playing against the best in the world out there on the Exchange so only your best will do!


*The ‘Through The Card Racing’ service is the combination of the ‘Pony Up’ and ‘Up The Ante’ services, available at a discounted price to give you more bang for your buck!


We’ve done all the hard yards and the ups and downs along the way could not have been envisaged. With our life experience of betting behind us, we know our services are right for anyone who wants to turn their betting into a profitable experience.