Dutching gives you more chances of winning and a more regular return.


Dutching in horse racing can be a fantastic method if you have the right information. How many times has your selection lead everywhere apart from the line or just failed to get up by a nose?

We added our Trading Service last month and looking back at our last 50 selections, 26 have won and 24 traded as low as 1.02 to 3.10

These 24 selections didn’t win, but they came close at those prices!

We traded the vast majority of these but we now see the horses that are a danger to us. By adding the Dutching, you now have another solid method that will grow your bank steadily. We have a couple of sensible rules and when applied you will see your account grow week by week.

Add some patience, discipline and record keeping and your Betfair account will be smiling.



No more topping up!


We use Bet Angel for our trading and it also has an exceptional Dutching tool. We recommend you use this, as it lets you see instantly your position in the market and it also does all the calculations for you.

To help you understand how easy it is and how quickly you could be earning money, we’ve included some links for you below. Of course we hold the “Ace” up our sleeve giving you the selections to Dutch. This makes your life easy and all you have to do is place the bets as per our instructions.



It really is that simple.


This is great news for our traders as it will come under the Trading and Dutching umbrella and of course our Combination Service subscribers get the lot!

Have a look through these important links and blogs and get ready for our big launch day!



Vid 1: Bet Angel TV

Vid 2: Bet Angel TV

Vid 3: AGG Sports Trading


Blog 1: Betfair


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